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Deal Selling, also known as deal sourcing or deal packaging is actually very simple. It refers to the process of identifying, sourcing, and putting together property deals for investors. It involves finding properties, negotiating favourable terms, and then packaging the deal to present to potential investors. 

Deal selling is one of Samuel’s favourite ways to make money in property and you can do it starting with nothing. If you’ve watched any of his financial freedom challenges you’ll have seen that he nearly always uses this strategy.

As a property investor you’ll always be finding great property deals and you won’t be able to buy all of them. Now imagine you’ve found a great deal – but you don’t want to buy it yourself. You can still make £2k – £5k on it, with just one email.  

Some of Samuel’s students are making between £5k – £40k a month just be following the principles that you will learn in the Deal Selling: Getting Started Guide

Unveiling the game changing secrets

Unleash your profit potential. Join thousands like Ellie, Teshi, and Ross who started their journey to financial freedom with Samuel Leeds.

£10k monthly profit

“In my IT job I made £2k a month. How the heck am I making £2k in one deal”

Ellie Henry
Samuel Leeds Student since 2022

£45k in one month

“Deal Sourcing is high ticket. It’s great to have that cash in the bank”

Teshi Cheema
Samuel Leeds Student since 2022

£12k in 30 days

“You end up finding what works. Ultimately the key is finding a niche”

Ross Orrock
Samuel Leeds Student since 2022

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And Build Your Deal Selling Empire

Samuel has packaged and sold hundreds of deals. Many of his students have used the exact same blueprint to do the same and are now making between £5k and £40k a month.

In this guide we’ll be sharing the story of a couple of his success student’s, who are earning in excess of £10k per month from Deal Selling alone!

Deal Selling is a great way to get started in property even if you have very little money in the bank and even if you were only selling 1 deal per month that would replace most peoples full time salary and at the same time give you experience at finding great deals. 

The Deal Selling guide is perfect if you are just getting started in your property journey or even if you currently know nothing about property investing but want to achieve financial freedom. Just provide us with your information to send it to you and enjoy. It really is that simple!


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