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4 TIPS To Guarantee Success

So, we all want to be guaranteed success, right? And we ASSUME good things come to those who wait, right? Well, in this week’s video, Samuel Leeds gives us the 4 most IMPORTANT tips to GUARENTEE (yes, guarantee!) SUCCESS.

These are:

  1. LEARN (learn what it takes to become successful)

  2. BELIEVE (believe that you can become successful)

  3. IMPLEMENT (implement everything you have learned)

  4. BE CREATIVE (creatively find solutions to problems)

Samuel Leeds explains the importance of these tips and why it is so important to vary your learning formats in order to achieve and gain as much knowledge as physically possible! The first thing Samuel insists you learn from… is BOOKS!

A favourite of Samuel’s - Jim Rohn, who was an American Entrepreneur & motivational speaker once said, “You are only a book away from knowing anything you want”.

Books are GREAT to consume so much information, especially on property, and they’re inexpensive! You are able to read books from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, sit down with a highlighter and CONSUME material!

Another great way to learn? FROM OTHER PEOPLE! Network with people who have become successful in property investing and ask questions, people want to help YOU, it’s a compliment to them and you would be AMAZED at the response!

Samuel Leeds began offering and selling out his Property Investors Crash Course for this very reason. Many people wanted to meet up, have a coffee and network, so by running a course instead,  it was more beneficial and enabled multiple people at once to learn, learn, learn!

Thirdly, GO ON TRAINING PROGRAMMES! Samuel Leeds is a strong advocate for this way of learning (and no, not just because he runs them himself!) but he strongly believes it is important to educate yourself, and he’s right! It is important to invest in mentors, education and knowledge. After all, “The best investment you make, even bigger than property, is yourself!”, emphasises Samuel.

No one can ever take knowledge away from you. Ever. Put yourself and your learning FIRST. If you put £20,000 into investing in one property, that’s great, but then what? Why not invest that £20,000 in training, consume an abundance of information, then the knowledge you have gained will enable you to invest in ten properties! Success will continue WITH knowledge.

And, finally. LEARN FROM YOUR OWN MISTAKES. Yes, one of the most important learning techniques. Turn your failures into lessons. A favourite quote of Samuel Leeds’, “If you think education is expensive, you should try mistakes”.

If YOU think this has helped your mindset in becoming successful, watch the FULL VIDEO below!

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