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Be Careful What You Think!

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

There are thousands of positive thinking books that you can read but most of them are flawed and I find them extremely irritating. They first say that life comes without hardships or struggles. It says that you can make anything happen through positive thinking and effectively you become your own god. The second book steals philosophies straight from the bible and make them appear to be a new idea made up by them. I want to look at what the bible says about positive thinking and how this can assist us to be highly effective. There is one huge difference between those who are highly effective and those who just get by. The difference is what they think about. It would be wrong to assume that only you and God know what goes on inside your head. What you think about will always show in your life and it is important to be aware of this.

If you were to think about a sad memory for instance, it would be naïve to think that you would not begin to feel sad. In the same way, if you were to reminisce over a happy thought, it would have a positive effect on your feelings. So, we can conclude that what you think about leads to how you feel. How you feel then leads to what you do. If you feel lazy, the chances are you will not do much work. Whereas if you feel inspired, you will probably get something worthwhile done. Can you see the direct correlation between what you feel and what you do? If you feel hungry you will go and make a sandwich. If you feel sleepy you will go to bed.

So, if thoughts will lead to feelings and then your feelings will lead to actions, what you think about is pretty important right? Yes.

The miracle part is that your actions will then determine your life.

T Harv Eker, famously gives this formula:

Thoughts – Feelings – Actions = Your Life

To illustrate this formula, I will tell you about the time I invested in a treadmill only for it to become a large ornament in my home. My siblings and I were infamously known for requesting expensive kits from Christmas such as a karate outfit, only to go once and then quit. If you are honest, you have probably done something similar.

So why do you think so many people know what they ought to do but just do not have the discipline to follow through? I know why and it is quite simple. It is because they don’t FEEL like it. The reason you don’t go on that run, make that important business call, attend that event or send those follow up emails, is because you don’t feel like it. Well, imagine if you could change the way you feel through your thoughts? Would that make a big difference? Well you can!”

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