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Don't be like the rest!

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

When I was in school I was pretty terrible at most subjects. My attention span was extremely short and I spent most of my time clock-watching until I would get to leave the stuffy classroom and enjoy delivering my paper rounds. There was one subject that I absolutely loved though, and that subject was Speakers Class. In Speakers Class we would have to memorise and put together speeches and then deliver them to the whole school and often visitors and parents included. I absolutely loved it.

It was a strange feeling being able to wipe the floor with all my smart classmates every single time. The girl who was always the teacher’s pet and would get top marks in everything, suddenly found herself getting beaten by the kid who spent most days in detention. Everybody would stress over their lines and be nervous before their speech, whereas I would revel in it and always get top marks. I used to happily practice my speech at home and record myself whenever possible. My teachers advised me to spend more time revising my other subjects though, as I was ‘already good at speaking’.

When it was time for me to pick my final subjects, I was informed that Speakers Class was no longer available so I had to give it up. I was very disappointed but was advised by all mature working adults that in the ‘real world’ Maths and Geography was more important. Its funny that over 90% of what I learned in Maths I have now forgotten and even if I had remembered it, I am confident I would not have used it to this day. But being able to communicate and speak is where all my income comes from and I have learned more geography travelling the world speaking than I ever did in Geography class.

Isn’t that interesting?”

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