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Updated: Jul 12, 2018

“The church generally does not like to talk too much about money. The ones that do usually have twisted concepts rooted with emotional baggage linked with either fear or greed. It is ironic because the bible talks about money all the time. There are over 800 references about money throughout the bible.

There tends to be two perspectives on money amongst Christians, which are both horribly wrong. One is a poverty mindset and the other teacher prosperity nonsense. If you fall into the Poverty Mindset category, you are probably good hearted but are held back by this incorrect thinking. You will likely sabotage any success that comes your way and feel guilty about making good money. You may also feel pulled between business success and fruitful ministry, forgetting that there is no divide between the secular and the divine.

If you are of the other extreme that believes that it is your right to be rich, I am sorry to tell you that your rights have been give up when you come to Jesus. Having money will not make you happy and there are more important things to life to worry about than driving a luxury car. If you were stripped naked and left homeless with not a penny in your pocket, would you be just as content as you are today? If the answer is no, then you need to question your heart…”


  1. Write some of the misconceptions you may have had around money. For example: Rich people are greedy You cannot be rich and spiritual God doesn’t want me to be rich Money is the root of all kinds of evil

  2. Decide, are these beliefs helpful? Are they biblical? If the answer is no, make the decision to STOP this illogical thinking that will strip you from being an effective and happy person.

  3. Explain out loud to yourself, to another person or in a journal, how your old thinking was wrong and now argue with your new position.

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