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My Thoughts on BITCOIN and Crypto Currencies - Samuel Leeds...

In this week’s video, Samuel Leeds shares his thoughts on Crypto Currencies and why he, only recently, decided to invest in Bitcoin. The Property Investor and Entrepreneur explains how he made his decision after networking with people who were highly knowledgeable in crypto currencies and shares his advice for people who are considering the investment.

Samuel explains why he thinks it’s a GOOD idea to invest in Bitcoin along with the benefits it holds. These include how investing in bitcoin makes it extremely easy and simple to make payment anywhere in the world WITHOUT needing to use currencies. The positives also included how it can add value, that it will never disappear, you can buy things with Bitcoin AND how since starting up 9 years ago, it is getting stronger and people are living their lives on Bitcoin. As a whole, his predictions are that Bitcoin won’t crash and will continue to go up.

Samuel later gave his thoughts on why he thinks investing in Bitcoin can have negative connotations.

The main point? That you can’t get RENT off bitcoin!

Samuel stated,

“The thing I love about property investing is that you get paid twice. You get paid once in rent and passive income, and the cash flow from it. But you also get paid because the when property goes up in value, you get paid capital appreciation.”

Samuel also makes a significant point that you cannot use it as cash unless you sell it, along with that investing in Bitcoin is RISKY, just like any investment.

“The key is to educate yourself to minimise the risk of any investment you make”.

General advice on the investment then follows with why Samuel thinks people should invest in bitcoin and provides tips on how to do it successfully and wisely. The video summarised with 3 key statements.

Don’t get emotionally involved. Don’t invest more money than you cannot afford to lose. Don’t keep watching the value of your Bitcoin every day.

Samuel also said something SUPER cool about Richard Branson & Bitcoin in the same sentence right at the end… watch the FULL video below to find out what!!! 🙌

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