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Should I become Financially Free ALL OVER AGAIN?

In this week’s video, Samuel Leeds wants YOUR opinion. After many requests via his YouTube channel and 6,000+ member Facebook Group, he has been challenged to give up EVERYTHING he has got.

Yes, that’s right, you heard it here first. EVERYTHING!

Samuel Leeds is on a mission to challenge opposing opinions, views and ideologies that it is NOT possible to become financially free starting from NOTHING. Samuel will give up everything; his mansion workplace, his staff and his bank, to show YOU that he can become financially free all over again!

The UK’s most inspiring property investor and entrepreneur hopes to show people how it is possible to become financially free, starting with nothing. The plan is to document and show step-by-step the methods that can be used to achieve financial freedom and what he spends each day doing. But first, he wants to hear from YOU!

What will be the ground rules? How would it work? Would Samuel need to be far away? Should Samuel get a normal job? Should he get put in a hotel for a week? What are your thoughts on logistics? Would you want Samuel’s challenged documented through professional filming? Or personal vlog?

Samuel is willing to be stripped of everything, be dumped somewhere in England for a month and even have an alias name so he can’t leverage his brand. He will do all of this ONLY with the support of YOU! The aim is to prove a point and for this challenge to impact and reach as many people as possible.

“Anyone can do this, it is POSSIBLE with the right knowledge”

To find out what happens and follow this story, subscribe to Samuel Leeds YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS6SES6btXx2tVFzWy4oToA and join his Facebook Group ‘Property Investors with Samuel Leeds’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/778613042238071/

Watch the FULL video below!

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