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Have you always thought that you need to stack loads of money to live an awesome life, then think again!

After teaming up with a small group of people on my Discovery Day (which is a day where we take a look and see if they would fit into my mentoring program), I found that over half the people in the room planned to be earning £5000,000 to £1m a year.

Now unless you are planning to build something with that income or set up a charity £10,000 to £15,000 per month should be more than enough.

You may feel like the only way to do everything you want in life is to become a millionaire but this is not the case.

Here is an example

When I married my wife Amanda a few years ago for our honeymoon we decided to go all out and book a five star hotel in Croatia, we did island hopping expensive recreational trips etc. We only went for ten days so we really did go all out! We decided to not look at the price tag on anything just go absolutely crazy and have the time of our lives.

So we had all the food and drink we wanted and didn’t look at price tags and had a great time.

I have now taken a look back at that time and how we lived. I've worked out that we could go back there now and live in the same five star hotel with all meals and drinks included and have the same lifestyle we did in those ten days FOREVER and my passive income would pay for us to live there! That’s not because I’m that rich, it’s because it doesn’t cost that much!

I have travelled all over the world and I’m writing this from South Africa and have just come back from a Safari. You may be thinking I could never afford to do that but once again I say -It doesn’t cost that much!


Why don’t you take part in this little exercise and see what the results show.


Write down your DREAM LIFESTYLE.

(If money was no object how would you live on a daily basis)


  • Where would you live?

  • Where would you eat?

  • Where would you travel?

  • How often would you travel?

  • What gym would you join?

Just write down all the things you could possibly want to do and then next to it write how much it would cost to do those things.


I am pretty confident that if most people did this test they would have a total of £10k to £15k per month because it really doesn’t cost that much to live a really good life.


I hope this makes sense to you and the good news is making £10k to £15k per month isn’t that difficult. In property all you would need is buy a few HMO’s or secure some rent to rents and this amount is very achievable very quickly.

Being able to cover the cost of you dream lifestyle by your passive income is what I call Ultimately Financially Free!


To give you an example I became financially free at age 21 and last year I helped 26 people become financially free. My goal this year is to help 50 people become financially free.


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