How to Persuade Your Wife To Invest In Property

Do you have a spouse , partner or a family member who is not backing you and supporting you in your property investment journey?


You have people that are holding you back and not believing in you. If you do then this is for you!


When I started out in my property investment journey I was just a teenager and I had a lot of people supporting me.  I had a lot of people backing me and of course I have also had people who were saying that's a silly decision and asking me when I was going to get a proper job? ,both friends and in my family and I think the same is going to be the case for you! You're going to have a real mixture of people and it's really important to focus on the good in your life because what you focus on expands so I'm going to address two things right here two potential problems:-


One is just that the world seems to be against you, your friends, your family members and everyone's telling you this is not possible, property investing is risky that's one problem!

The other problem is that you are married to somebody, you have a husband or a wife or a spouse who's being very cynical and holding you back and that's a whole different story because you guys share money and they're telling you that you cannot or should not get into property and they're two totally different things.

Now my advice to you would be if you're dealing with the first problem of everyone saying that it's hard, everyone's telling me not to! (everybody really!) or are you just focusing on those people and justify your own lack of activity because of other people. Now if you focus on the three or four people that are saying “oh I think that's risky” instead of the two or three four five ten people that are saying “go for it!” then that's going to expand in your brain and hold you back so focus on the good and that will expand and also surround yourself with different friends. Surround yourself with positive people, surround yourself with success buddies so that would be my advice.


However, if you've got your husband or wife (your spouse, your life partner) holding you back then that is different  because you share money and if you've got say a hundred thousand pound equity in your house and you are saying I'd love to refinance and buy a few houses, a few HMOs to invest in and your spouse says “no!” then what do you do? Now in your mind you might be thinking you've got two options, option one is to tell your spouse I'm doing it anyway, screw you and if you don't like it we can split up or option number two is you can just not invest buckle under and live an average life and resent your partner forever.


What I would like to tell you is that I don't think they are your only two options! I think there's an option number three which we call winning them over! Winning them over! Winning them over is so easy to do and there's so many different ways you can win them over:-


Number one would be to send them along to one of my property investors crash courses and then see how unmotivated they are in property investing( let me do the work for you!) or let them read my book .


Another way you could win them over is you could just say to them look this is really important to me and  I know I can make this work and if it goes wrong I'll take responsibility but will you just trust me and let me do this. If you say that there's a fair chance they will say “go on then but on your head”


Option number three and this is probably one of my favorites but you can do a combination is to rather than thinking you've got a choice, you can either be a complete property investor and put all your money and all your time and quit your job and become a property investor or do nothing! Do a little bit dip your toe in the water and show them how it goes just say to them “so hey if I can just invest in some education and I can buy one house one house and I by doing that we can just put a proportion of our savings or none at all but let me just try and do it with a no money down deal. Just find a compromise where you can just you know you can spend a certain amount of money or just a certain amount of time and then show them the results and I promise you when you spend just a little bit of money and you show them the return again or you put a little bit of money in to your education or you put some time aside to try and find some deals and then you can show them - look I only spent two days and spent a little bit of time on some training and look what we've got!


If they can then see you are  hundred percent not going to fail and the property investing was actually fantastic! They want you to do it !


The problem is that they don't believe it works so just with a little bit of money a little bit of time to prove to them that it works( do not say I told you so) make it about them and say  look what we've managed to do here and it won't be long before they say  “ hmm if you could do that with just that much money and just that much time imagine what would happen if we put this much In!” …………….