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Samuel Leeds is an international speaker, best selling author and a leading property investor trainer.

Samuel has shared with as many people as he can his path to success and tried to help as many friends and students of his become successful, it is his ongoing mission to help others.

His entrepreneurial journey to financial freedom began at a young age, absorbing as much information as possible, surrounding himself with mentors and realising very quickly that to be successful you needed two things: education and energy.

A spiritual experience in 2007 resulted in him leaving his job to pursue ministry and whilst volunteering in Africa he realised that he needed wealth to be able to make a real and lasting difference, so he became a property investor. 

The church challenged his motives and desire to succeed which led him to go to Bible college for three years to study Biblical Economics. Samuel came to the conclusion that God had given him an entrepreneurial brain, and he had to use it!

Whatever your faith background, there are good moral strands for using resources including your money prudently and wisely. Think of a farmer who sows, seeds, tends the crop whilst it grows – and then reaps a rich harvest sometime later. The Bible gives a parable how some seed gives ‘a return of ten some a hundred and some a thousand fold’.

Within three short years he was financially free and had built up a million pound property portfolio all by the age of twenty-one.

Although Samuel was able to retire through his property business, he decided he wanted to help others become financially free through property investing so in November 2014, Samuel ran the first ever Property Investors Crash Course which is now considered to be the best property course in the world.

As of today, Samuel has inspired tens of thousands of people across the world to invest smarter and to live better.

Post financial freedom, Samuel has travelled the world, set up many charitable projects in Africa through the Samuel Leeds Foundation, and written numerous Amazon Best Selling Books.

What Samuel Does...

Property Investors by Samuel Leeds

‘Property Investors by Samuel Leeds’ are a small, highly driven team headed up by Samuel and Russell Leeds who are all committed to helping people become financially free within 12 months or less by investing in property.

You can book an upcoming tour date via the Property Investors website for just £1!

The Samuel Leeds Foundation

In November 2019 the Samuel Leeds Foundation was registered as a charity (1186669) - it exists solely to aid the prevention or relief of poverty in Africa and the UK by providing grants, items and services to individuals in need and/or charities, or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty.

The Foundation is fuelled by Samuels personal donations as well as a large percentage of the profits made by Property Investors being pledged to the Foundation.

If you would like to find out more, including how you could get involved in upcoming projects please email us.

Books by Samuel

The best investment you can make is in yourself. Through Samuels thirst for knowledge he attributes some of his education to the books he has read from other authors, this inspired him to become an author himself and has published a number of books chronicling his own journey, his motivations, and also the journeys of his students.

You can find all Samuel's books on Amazon

Samuel on Social Media

Samuel is active on social media, believing that it is a great platform to share his thoughts and knowledge with a wide audience. He has amassed over 700,000 subscribers across his channels, posting about his life, work, and mission to educate. 


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