Deal Sourcing
Crash Course
21st – 29th June 2024

Learn How Samuel Started His Property Journey With Deal Sourcing.

It All Starts At The Crash Course!

Don't miss the opportunity to see Samuel Leeds as he tours around the UK Teaching the hottest strategies.

June 21st – 29th

Get ready to unlock the secrets of deal sourcing, identify your specific strategy and becoming a master at finding incredible property deals that offer a 20%+ ROI at the Deal sourcing Crash Course.

July 19th - 27th

At the Property Investors Crash Course you will learn the secrets to becoming a successful property investor and how to utilise other people's money, so you can get started right away!

August 23rd - 1st

Are you ready to tap into the incredible potential of Rent to Rent? Look no further than the Rent to Rent Crash Course. Discover how to generate ‘Super Rent' and maximise the profits from any property.

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Samuel became a property millionaire at the age of just 21

Today, he is a best selling author, property investor and prolific TV Property Landlord.

Samuel founded one of the UK's largest property investment schools, and dedicates his time to teaching others the blueprint of his success. Samuel has helped thousands of property investors their journey to financial freedom.