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Samuel will be teaching all the formulas and secrets about sourcing properties that will enable you to become financially free quickly.
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Every single week, Samuel Leeds helps another person become a successful property entrepreneur and / or become financially free by investing in property. 'Winners on a Wednesday' is a weekly interview with one of Samuel's students where they share the journey, lessons and experiences they had along the way. You will be inspired and equipped while listening in.
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About Samuel:

Samuel Leeds is an international speaker, two-times best selling author and a leading property investor. 


Samuel had a spiritual experience in 2007 which resulted in him leaving his job to pursue ministry and become a property investor. The church challenged his motives and desire to succeed which led him to go to Bible college for three years and study Biblical Economics. Samuel came to the conclusion that God had given him an entrepreneurial brain, and he had to use it! 


Within a few short years Samuel was able to retire through his property business, but instead of retiring he established Training Kings, a support network for Christian entrepreneurs. This rapidly became a nationwide organisation with branches all over the UK. 

Samuel wrote his first book 'Do the Possible, Watch God Do the Impossible' which became an Amazon Best Selling Book within a matter of weeks. He went on to write and publish 'Buy Low Rent High' which explains exactly how he built a property portfolio from nothing, and how anybody can achieve financial freedom within 12 months or less. 

Today, Samuel is the CEO of six successful companies as well as owning over £1M of property throughout the UK. He has inspired tens of thousands of people across the world to invest smarter and to live better. 

Samuel's Top Tips
Is Buy2Let DEAD?

A lot of people have been questioning if the Buy-To-Let is working anymore in 2019. Samuel has heard all the rumblings and finally decides to give his thoughts on peoples biggest concerns and how he views buy-to-lets in 2019 and going forward.

The top five topics people think are killing the buy to let strategy are:

  1. Tax Purposes

  2. Legislation

  3. Negative Media

  4. Tenants’ rights

  5. Brexit uncertainty

Samuel sees these main issues as something that isn’t killing the Buy-to-Let market. firstly Tax issues can simply be avoided by purchasing properties in a company. The company can be created in less than 20mins and with new rules stating that new companies will not be subjected to checks making its even easier to make the purchase.

Legislation shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing rather as a positive. It puts off rogue landlords and protects the safety of hardworking landlords who follow the rules. Making the property game fair and equal to all.

The media will also have something negative to say about people who are making a lot of money. This is something that you cannot control should you shouldn’t pay it much attention. It also shouldn’t affect your thought process when investing in property.  Tenant rights and Brexit are things that you also cannot control. Focus on what you can control, if you want to invest do so with a clear mind. Don’t invest with your feelings use formulas.

How to Use Equity to Buy MORE Property!

When people hear the words DEBT they immediately associate it with a negative connotation. Samuel explains that there is something called good DEBT. A mortgage can be seen as debt and people have been conditioned to pay this off as quickly as possible.

Instead, you should see the mortgage as leverage using this money to reinvest into further properties this will be known as good DEBT. When it comes to purchasing you should view each house as a business and understand ways that you can profit off this.

Think with logic and not your emotions! Many of Samuel students have come to him with their homes already paid off but are not aware of the various strategies they can implement in order to create a passive income for themselves.

Having your equity in a property shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing and with the correct training and knowledge, you will be able to utilize this into something great!

RICH vs POOR. The Difference in Mindsets!

Samuel breaks down the top 7 difference between a rich and poor mental state.  Which side do you fall on? Is there a way you can improve upon this to reach your full potential?

  1. A poor person’s thinking will always find a problem whereas a rich mind state will solve whatever problem they come across.

  2. A rich person will invest the money that they have a poor way of thinking is to will only to save or spend the money.

  3. A poor mental state will be filled with nothing but complaints where a rich mind is filled with creative output.

  4. Keep learning no matter what. A Poor mind people will stay in their comfort zone and stop learning. A rich mind will get comfortable being uncomfortable and keep learning.

  5. A Poor mind is easily stopped and once they reach a roadblock they are easy to give up. A rich person sees themselves as unstoppable!

  6. Rich people are known for taking risks and at times taking the least conventional route to success, a poor mind will play it safe at all times.

  7. Always think about doing all you can such as achieving more than one thing this is rich thinking. A poor mind will always instead think of ‘or’ instead of ‘all’.

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