131 Property Investors. 1 place

Samuel Leeds

131 Property Investors. 1 place

Hello. I am Samuel Leeds. So through my Samuel365 community, I make a coaching call every week for updates and the progress of everyone. They likewise get limitless coaching in property ventures via telephone and also free training.

Patricia Success Story

So everyone joined the call and I asked everybody to tell their success story of the week like what they achieved in a week. They made some deal or not. So Patricia Kilty came forward. She said that she locked a great deal in a working town containing three apartments in one building and each apartment has four bedrooms and it was done on BRR and HMO. She took the HMO manager and they gave her the quote and asked the council for approval and they said there is no need for license and planning. The GDV will be 210 as per calculation. She bought it as a cash deal, refurb it and then refinanced to get the money. In the end she advises that do not give up as these property things take a little bit time so stay positive and keep doing it.

What did Thomas bring on the Table?

Now comes Thomas Bowen who locked a 20 thousand pounds deal and he refunded it to a guy on 3 thousand nine hundred and ninety-five pounds. However, deal is still there as he can sell to anyone. So Thomas advice everyone to not stop keep struggling as he did. Keep on selling the deals to take out his rent and he did it.

Kabir is on His Way

The next Kabir Larry joined the conversation and he told me that he just started and today he has to visit but it canceled and moved on to the next day due to some reason of the landlord. The landlord said he has 50 flats that are empty and he is interested to do business. He further said that he got two business partners from the Samuel365 community and he is doing a rent to rent business with them. He is hoping to hear good news from that landlord. I cheered him up for his coming week.

Kamil’s Achievement

Kamil Domski shared his success story. He approached a guy from a gumtree, he has a travel agency shop and he has been struggling like everyone during the COVID. The asking price of the shop is 85 thousand pounds which is a bit high from the market value but he managed to secure it on 73 and a half. It is a commercial property and we have to convert to a residential apartment so that we could rent it out. It is like in between BRR and conversion of commercial to residential property. He put down GDV 105 as safe and secure. Kamil did a great job. He said to the audience to keep looking for the deals on and off the market and also on social platforms and grab it.

Exposure to Property Industry

Alright, so many members from Smauel365 came on board to share their weekly experiences and little achievements. It is really impressive how they all are struggling and making great deals. Some of them have done HMOs while others have explored the different sides. I have massive respect for all of them. They have learned a lot from my training and crash courses. They even gained subscribers for their YouTube channels and that’s amazing.


So everyone is on their way to make deals and explore the field of property to know more about it. If you also want to learn and experience this then keep watching my videos, join my crash courses and do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.  

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