£14,000 in LESS THAN 24 hours!? | The Eviction 2020: Episode 2

£14,000 in LESS THAN 24 hours!? | The Eviction 2020: Episode 2

We have had more than 500 people take part in the Eviction, and 10 people running against each other to win a week’s worth of one-on-one training in their own financial freedom challenge.

In episode one of The Eviction, I had evicted many participants. Let’s see what episode two brings for the remaining participants sitting in front of their laptop screens with their teeny tiny cups of coffee.

Samuel: Today, we’re going to have a deal selling challenge. Don’t worry, you’ll get people who will help you with your tasks. Let’s meet last week’s participants:

James Armstrong; as far as deal selling is concerned, he has sold tens and thousands of pounds’ worth of deals. He was a runner-up of last year’s The Eviction and is a successful property entrepreneur. According to him, the property industry is a lucrative field and the strategies and training work effectively.

Anthony Wilmott; the winner of last year’s The Eviction, Anthony Wilmott is here to coach and train the contestants of The Eviction.

Hannah Mills; she had taken part in the first ever The Eviction and came second after Anthony. She thinks that the contestants are going to learn a lot through the process of this competition that would help them in their property journey later on.

Ricci Mandal; he is a successful businessman and runs a property business as well. He thinks that Eviction made him grow as a person and as a businessman and he has been able to implement all that he had learned here in his own business.

Samuel: Now that you have cleared Round 1, it is time to close some deals. Alistair is going to help you with it; plus, you’ve taken the BRRR Master Class.

Round 1 evaluated if you could find deals. Because you’re here, it means you do! Now it’s time to close those deals. People will tell you that you can’t view the property. Well, of course you can!

The first thing you have to do is to have a NDA agreement with the investor. Do not give them the postcode unless they sign the NDA.

The thing is, you need to ask the investor what they want to know, research and give it to them, and get them to sign the NDA before disclosing the address. You should NOT give them the address before they sign the NDA.

I divided the participants into teams of two and gave them the challenge of selling a deal they had found in the last round. Selling the deal will get money in their banks. The team that sells the deal successfully will go to the next round. Whereas, the losing team will face at least one eviction.

So the contestants had a day and a half to sell the deal and get the money in the bank. Their coaches were with them all the time, checking up on them, asking them how they’re doing.

The pressure in the room was palpable. Contestants had been pacing around, cell phones in hand, talking enthusiastically on their phones with investors. I talked to the coaches to see how participants were doing.

They told me that the participants were more worried about the floor plan or the details rather than jotting down the figures. They were more interested in talking about the information they had gathered rather than ask the investor what they wanted to know.

One of the teams was on the phone with an investor. They followed my advice to a T, and talked to the investor about the NDA, the payment, and time limit. Seeing such good teamwork, I thought it could go either which way!

The other team, however, started complaining within themselves. Look, when you select your teammates, you have to take complete responsibility for them. Even if you’re working alone, you have to take responsibility for your actions.

When I went to Lawson’s team, their energy was extremely low. It felt like they had given up on themselves. They were waiting for the phone to ring. You can’t wait for the phone to ring! You need to pick it up and dial up investors.

Alistair told them to increase their energies. So they got up from their seats and walked around, talking to investors. On the other hand, David’s team had money coming in.

In the boardroom, I had both teams in front of me. David’s team got two deals sold; however, David was the only one who brought in two deals and closed them. I asked the rest of the team what their contribution was in the closing. To my disappointment, I got excuses for not having enough time, or not having a list.

I then spoke to Lawson’s team and asked them what they were able to do. I think if they didn’t have that one-hour energy dip, they would have done more. They managed to sell two deals, though. They got 5,700 pounds. David’s team got 8000 pounds.

The winning team was David’s, and they were free to go to the lounge and celebrate.

Lawson’s team had lost unfortunately. I asked them why the 90-minute glitch happened in between and they told me that it was because they were continuously talking to people through messages and Facebook.

Moreover, Lawson also thought that Jaden should be evicted because he contributed less than others.

According to Jaden, however, he contributed well to the team.

As per me, Jaden was the least to contribute in the deal selling. Therefore, I had no choice but to evict him.

When Jaden got evicted, I offered him a rent-to-rent training course by Alistair as a gift because of his contributions. All in all, I would love to have him in the Academy one day because of his efforts in the team.

Wrapping Up

The Eviction Episode 2 was exciting and mentally challenging. However, the participants did extremely well. 

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