15 Bed HMO in Doncaster _ Commercial to Residential

Samuel Leeds

15 Bed HMO in Doncaster _ Commercial to Residential….

Hey. This is me, Samuel Leeds. Today I will show you the success of my student Kamran who came to the property investor crash course and now he bought a huge commercial property in Doncaster. He is turning the commercial land into residential property and sustaining some of the commercial property as retail and this is amazing. He showed us the whole view of the property and explained everything. Let’s see what he was upto. 

Property Visit

Kamran bought the ex-council building which was built in the 1980s. The construction is old and it was built on breeze and blocks so they have the opportunity to change the interior and make it look more attractive. They got permission for a 15 bed HMO at that moment but they have lots of options in future to build a penthouse after getting permission. The property is split into three elements which is a good part. The front part is for shops so this way it will be utilized as commercial property. The back part has a good ceiling so they can build apartments up easily. There is a big space and there is no electricity issue. 

We moved towards the left side where five bedrooms are going to be built in a quadrant style. There will be a kitchen area as well and the walls will be stripped off and renovated. They have the plans and plan permission but they also took advice from Dave Tayor who is the academy member  from Blackpool and belongs to DM property group. Dave advised them that they can reconfigure the approved plans. 

We then went upstairs, the first floor which looks quite spacious and has lots of windows for natural lighting. They showed us the other section of the 10 bed HMO. It has a common kitchen as well. 

The roof-top seemed big and Kamran said that in future he will hopefully build a three bedroom house. He shared that they don’t have any restrictions regarding development which is great. 

He talked about the area where the mall was recently renovated and the train station will soon be regenerated as well as art galleries and museum. So, he finds this area good from every perspective. He also discussed the penthouses that from a planning point of view, will be attractive and have balconies so overall it will create a good impact. 

He showed the outside space which they will clean up for the residents and put a fire exit and also make a parking space here. The property looks amazing.

Wrap Up!

At the end of the tour, the lady seemed encouraged and hoped that this project would scale up their property business. Kamran added his words that they will make improvements and add penthouses and additional rooms with good ideas. Because with impactful advice and great ideas you can make a good change to your business.

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