£200 Cash For a Property Development Lead

Samuel Leeds

£200 Cash For a Property Development Lead…

Hello this is Samuel Leeds. Today I will discuss my course class which went amazing. In my class, I gave a challenge to my students to find an amazing deal and put up 200 pounds cash as a reward. One student named Josh was successful in his mission. Let’s see what he brought to the table which made him a winner. 

Josh’s Incredible Deal

I asked Josh to share in the class what deal he had done. He said he found a 19 bed HMO. The amount the agent told was over 300 but then they said they will take 250. The renovation was also required and only three rooms were rented for 85 pounds a week. The pub is also connected with it which pays around 250 pounds a week. If he rents out this then he would do it on commercial value then refinance it which sounds great. 

Next Deals In Line

Asking other people in the class about what they did? So, one of them raised his hand and shared. He said he got an offer of 70k and the agent said the value will push up to around 150k and the refurb cost would be approximately 40k to 45k. It was a good one.

Another lady stood up and said that she got an old three bedroom house which looks quite antique. Upon asking about the purchase price she said 100,000 pounds and refurb cost was 20k pounds. The value after all was done was 200 thousand pounds. That’s cool. 

Josh’s Story

I told my students that I am gonna shout out three names and whoever they voted with their voices will get a chance to come on stage. The three names were pub, Clethops, and Wrexham. The students started shouting ‘pub’ and then I invited him on stage and asked his name. He said Josh. Everybody clapped for him. Then I asked him to share his story. He told all of us that it was sixteen rooms and not in a good condition which he will renovate. He got the postcode L24QT. 

I found it on the internet and the property popped up and I showed everyone in the project. Josh told us about the conversation with them. He said he called them and said I am property source and I am looking for a deal for the investors which should be on a low budget and also a happy place for them. They quoted 250 pounds for that. I asked him what will be the end value after refurbishing and renovating? He expected a half a million. But then I told him to call the agent and discussed it with her. After she received his call, he asked her about the end value to which she said she will get a valuer and research then call you back. He did well all over. What did you learn? I asked Josh. He replied, there are opportunities in the face of deals, all you have to do is take action and work hard on it. 

After that I asked him to tell me about his team which he said is him and his girlfriend. Then I called her girlfriend on stage and gave both of them two options:


  1. You can receive 200 pounds right now, I will give 100 pounds each to both of them and call that lady agent and continue that deal. The only lead at the moment
  2. You can stay for a whole day to learn about joint ventures, and raising finance and leave this 200 pounds cash


I gave them these options and 15 seconds to decide which option they will opt for. I think 15 seconds are enough for the business people to decide. They make quick decisions. So, I gave them time to discuss and let me know. 

After 15 seconds, I asked them which option they were going for? They said ‘Cash.’ 

Wrap Up!

I handed 200 pounds of cash to them. They were happy and content. They advised  everyone to watch videos, learn from them and take action. Well, It was a good time at my class. Hope you enjoyed the video. Do me a massive favour, subscribe to my Youtube channel and keep watching my videos. Take care!

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