5 Simple Steps That Made Me a Millionaire

Samuel Leeds

Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing good. I am Samuel Leeds and today I am gonna share with you all the five easy and simple steps to become a millionaire. Because of these steps, I am a millionaire now. So, I want you all to follow and open the doors of your dream. When I became a millionaire, my age was 25 and it took 7 years for me to find out the reasons for becoming rich. Here I will share with you all, so take out the notebook all of you and note down these things properly because it took me years to figure out the reason so I want you to write it down so it may help you more easily to implement. So, now let’s begin. 

  1. Personal Growth

The first thing that is the route of your success is your personal growth. If you want your business to grow then you need to grow yourself first. Start learning about your field, sharpen your skills, go in depth to get knowledge and information. If you have enough skills and knowledge then you will see the growth in your business automatically, because your mind works better after polishing your skills. This is much needed. I remember when I got into this, I started exploring and it really helped in sharpening my skills and that made me able to scale up my business. There are also three important currencies which you should know.

  • Money
  • Time
  • Knowledge

These all are connected with each other like if you want more money then you must have to gain knowledge and then you will have time. So it’s a circle. Look into it and start implementing. 


  1. Joint Venture My Way Up

  2. This is another step to get closer to becoming a millionaire. It is an art like how you connect with people and make a joint venture. Obviously starting it at a very young age won’t bring you unlimited money but this is the way to make money. Like if you don’t have money then you can do a joint venture with someone who has money. What you have to do is, you bring information, knowledge on the table while the other will put the money in. I did the same, I gave my time and brought deals while the other person just put the money in, so it was like a mutual cooperation. This is how I grow my portfolio. If you save the deposit every time you buy a house, it will not make you a millionaire at the age of 25. So, better to follow this safe way.


  1. BRRR Strategy

The buy refurbish refinance strategy is what many wealthy people use. This is literally a game changer. What you have to do is just take an amount to buy a house and then push its value up by using a bridging loan or people’s money and once the value of the house rises, you then get a new mortgage and recycle the deposit. Do it and thank me later. This is a great way to recycle your cash and pull out a good amount of money. This BRRR strategy is the successful strategy that has made many people rich. 


  1. Control

This step plays a good role once you know its importance. Let’s take an example of world’s successful running companies who don’t own what they are dealing with. Like Uber, which is the top customer car service, they don't own the cars. Similar to Amazon, they don’t own their stock but what they do is control and manage. There are many companies who don’t own their stuff but are popular in their services. They are just controlling, we can say cash flow. So, I learnt from these big companies that it is not necessary to owe the stuff but how you can provide the service and make money. After realizing and getting knowledge, I did the same. I started using strategies like rent-to-rent, I have lots of properties that I don’t owe them but I get the cash flow from those properties then I put into the ones that I own. This is how I roll and make profits. 


  1. Your Team Is Everything

The most important thing that matters the most is your team. It is not only you who grow but its a team who help you to grow. Whether you become a manager or anything but you can’t manage everything so you need a team to work properly in your business. If you have a good team then your mind works smoothly as you know you have some trustworthy and dedicated people behind you who never let you fall. So, gather a good team having accountants, builders, mortgage brokers, architects, property dealers etc. You cannot have success solely but you need the whole bunch of people to step forward and this will give you more courage towards your aim. 

I must say that my team is my asset, I am nothing without them. They all are very passionate and we work together as a family. 

Wind Up!

So, these all are the five steps that you have to follow. I am also running a program for the very first time which is called ‘Property Millionaire Intensive.’ In this I will be guiding, teaching and helping you all on how to get on this route of becoming a millionaire. And you know what? It is completely free. Yes, you heard it right, I will be charging no fees, all I need is your time. I think this doesn't cost you much because sacrificing your time will surely bring you a secure and successful future. I really want young people to live their best life and know the value of time and money. So, Just join and learn now. I am sharing the link in the description, visit now and register yourself. And don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Take care, bye!

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