80% of Success is Mindset

80% of Success is Mindset

80% of success is mindset. Do you agree with this statement?  A successful mindset is often created and moulded through personal trial and error. It is unlikely to be born with a natural mindset and personality to overcome hard-hitting failures or for dealing with blows to self-confidence. While there are certain facets of our individual minds that allow for perks, like greater ease of absorbing information, or for focus or memory. These things alone without self-education does not in any way guarantee an easy or even successful life. Everyone needs to graft.

Being successful is a learned skill.

It takes self-education over a general education paired with a vision of what you want to achieve, while at the same time understanding it’s a slow process, to sculpt something as formidable and worthwhile as a success mindset.

Your friends, family and your environment dictate an upbringing and all the psychological and understandable patterns of behaviour. Which can signify certain aspects of social and emotional growth. However, it does not mean, that by no fault of your own, such as what family you are born into, the parenting you received and your relationship to money and entrepreneurship is a be-all-end-all for the proposed individual.

Instead, it tells us only a mere fraction of your story. The rest is of course, up to you. You may feel trapped by the mindset of your close friends or family. You may feel uneducated. But these personal barriers do not dictate some destined predetermined path for you. If anything, so long as you are aware that you can change everything, you can begin to do so.

No matter how big the strides are at a time, as mentioned above it takes years to sculpt the life you want, through moulding a mindset engaged and focused to achieve the success you have in mind.

Confidence comes from knowledge.

So where do you begin? If you haven’t begun then this video is the perfect place to start. It’s not even going to take you a full hour to get the inspiration you need to begin. If you have started, still take notes as we delve into the minds of Marcus de Maria and Samuel Leeds.

In this video, they discuss how they first met, speaking vs training, formal education vs self-education, why Samuel decided property, how Samuel was influenced by family and his faith, the importance of pillars, the messes Samuel got himself into when starting out, how Samuel responds to hate and why Samuel thinks people work harder at their jobs instead of themselves. With much more jam-packed into this full-on video. 80% of Success is Mindset. Do you agree?

Get the popcorn, brew a cup of tea, mute the kids. It’s worth every second.

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