A Glimpse Into the Leeds Lifestyle | Electric Cars, Overseas Holidays, and Designer Bags

A Glimpse Into the Leeds Lifestyle | Electric Cars, Overseas Holidays, and Designer Bags

Hello guys, Samuel Leeds here, and guess who's back? Amanda is back for yet another video. The video she previously featured was quite a hit, so we decided to do it again. “Thank you so much for the lovely comments,” said Amanda, grateful for all your positive feedback.

Now, I know many of you are curious about how we lead our life, pun intended. So, that's what Amanda and I will talk about in this episode. We'll discuss everything from cars, holidays, designer bags, plans, and so much more.

How Does a Millionaire Celebrate His Birthday?

I recently turned thirty. And it was a great birthday, thanks to my wife. “Samuel loves experiences. He loves dinners and socializing with people that he loves. So I arranged an intimate dinner party. We had a chef come cook us a three-course meal,” Amanda shared.

She went on to reveal that I love shisha, which we usually smoke when we're away on holiday. So Amanda “got someone to come and set up some shisha outside,” where we had a fire pit. “It was just so nice,” Amanda said. “It was,” I agreed. It was all quite a pleasant surprise, and I must say, I could get used to the idea of having a chef every night. 

Amanda had also booked me a paragliding trip, which we, unfortunately, had to cancel due to the weather. But all in all, my 30th birthday was superb, because like Amanda said, I love experiences. While I am not a fan of splurging on tangible things like clothes, I am more than happy to spend my money on experiences. 

New Book

To celebrate my turning thirty, I also wrote an inspirational book titled Samuel Leeds' Success Students. The book contains 30 chapters, with each chapter dedicated to the success story of an individual student. So 30 success stories in total. As Amanda noted, since these are stories of totally different people, you're likely to find at least one with which you can relate.

And with a current review of 4.8 on Amazon, we can say the consensus is this is a great read. If you're looking for inspiration and pointers as you embark on your personal property ventures, get yourself this book on Amazon. Mind you, it's just the first volume, meaning there's more to come.


So we have decided to make the switch to electric cars. We'll start with just one car, Amanda's. “I'm gonna be changing my car soon. So I've been viewing lots of different options of electric cars,” she explained, adding that there are various pros to having an electric car, including zero direct emissions and tax benefits. 

Whether electric vehicles are better for the environment is debatable. However, this isn't. Not only can you claim 100% of the cost of the car as a tax-deductible expense, you can also claim back your insurance costs! So if you have many license points, you might consider getting an electric car. Not that Amanda has any, if anything, she's always had a clean license, unlike me. 

Sometime back, I had a driving ban. And not because I am a reckless driver. Every time I've gotten points was because I was driving just a few miles over the speed limit. I have since resumed driving, and since I also drive an expensive car, my insurance premiums are high. I pay about £6,000 a year in car insurance alone! So anyway, from a commercial point of view, an EV is a no brainer. You get to save on taxes and fuel costs.

My only concern is, “what will it be like driving an electric car, and how will it work.” That's why Amanda is graciously serving as the guinea pig. “I did test drive an electric car, and it accelerates really, really fast. I was shocked. And it literally feels like it's gliding. It just floats,” she replied enthusiastically. Russell Leeds, my brother and business partner, is actually currently leasing a fancy-looking electric Porsche.

We also typically lease our cars. But when it came to the Range Rover, I decided to buy it. As Amanda explained, I decided to own it instead of lease it because I felt convinced I wouldn't get sick of it. I quickly get bored of a car, and I also prefer my cars brand new, so leasing usually makes more sense. And honestly, buying a brand new car only to sell it after a year is just moronic.


Fun fact: we don't own our smartphones; our phones are contract phones.

Amanda is thinking of getting the Mercedes Benz EQC. She even did a short review of the car on her YouTube channel. If I jump on the electric car bandwagon as well, I'm thinking, Tesla. Perhaps the big Tesla. We'll see.



We usually go on holiday two or three times a year. However, we haven't been on holiday for about a year now, thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. “Are you missing holidays?” I asked Amanda. “So so much,” she responded. But even if the pandemic was no more today, we couldn't travel since we have a newborn at home.

However, with international travel set to resume on May 17th, we could manage to go for two holidays this year. “We usually do a December holiday,” Amanda explained, and I've also booked an August holiday for us to Miami. Miami because I have a business meeting with Grant Cardone. I had the opportunity of interviewing Cardone on my channel about two years ago.

I've been to Miami before, but this will be Amanda's first time there. Generally, I've been to more places than she has, including Florida and South Africa. “When we got married, I was jet-setting all over the world, and you were not coming with me,” I stated, “why did you always stay at home?” “I'm not sure. I don't know,” she said. 

But we concluded that since these were business, not leisure travels, I was always busy giving talks, going to meetings, or viewing properties. So had Amanda come with me, she probably would have had to do all the sightseeing by herself, which wouldn't have been as exciting. We've both been to Poland, but at separate times. I went there for a business trip, while Amanda traveled there with her girls a few months later. 

We have, however, been to several incredible places together, including California, where my mum lives. So while in California, we literally stayed in the best and worst hotels in Los Angeles. The best being, The  Beverly Hills Hotel, which is a 5-star hotel. And the worst being, Cecil Hotel. Yes, we stayed in the infamous Cecil Hotel, but at the time, we didn't know it had a checkered history, including multiple suicides, deaths, and disappearances. 

How did we end up there? We originally planned on spending 20 grand for the California trip but ended up spending 66 grand. So in a bid to curb our spending, we checked into the Cecil as it's cheap. Now, coincidentally, we started to watch this documentary on YouTube about Elisa Lam, who disappeared and her body later found in a water tank atop a hotel in Downtown LA. The name of the hotel? The Cecil Hotel! 

Amanda was immediately like, we need to leave. “It was just so spooky, and I was just thinking, I don't want to sleep here,” an excited Amanda narrated. But it was late in the night. And because the hotel is located in a dangerous neighborhood and near Skid Row, we figured we were safer in the hotel room than leaving at night.

We’ve also been to Las Vegas, which was incredible. “I wanna go back there one day,” Amanda agreed. Now we both hardly ever drink. But I remember Amanda ordering a vodka and coke and necking it, which didn’t go well. She ended up throwing up all down the bowling alley! “I've never been that girl. Don't want to be that girl. But that night I was that girl,” Amanda explained, but “you were quite helpful.” “I think I was worried,” I replied.

Fun fact: we didn't gamble or enter a casino in Las Vegas.

Dubai is another destination we really loved. We stayed at the Burj Al Arab, where we had a butler. It was just amazing. We've also travelled to Singapore, where we stayed at the Marina Bay Sands, which has three iconic towers. Thailand also has some of the best hotels. So yeah, we're well travelled.

Our Recent Most Expensive Purchase

Since we haven't been able to go on holidays, we decided to give our home a holiday vibe by having a swim spa installed. It cost us £30,000.  We've had it for about nine months now. You can swim in it, work out in it, or just unwind it. With the swim spa, palm trees, and sunny weather, it does feel like every day is a holiday, especially “when you're with the most amazing person ever.”

Celebrities We've Met

We went to see a Kevin Hart show. “I love Kevin Hart … and Samuel surprised me with tickets to go see him,” Amanda revealed. And since these were VIP tickets, it gave us access to front row seats and a brief meet and greet. But when Amanda met the comedian, she was start-struck! She'll deny it, but her accent even changed! I didn't know who Kevin Hart was until I married Amanda, but “he was really nice.”

We've also met the talented Mika, who Amanda hadn't heard of before me. But now she puts him on the same level as Beyonce talent-wise. Mika is not that famous, so the entire show was quite intimate. Although we didn't chat with him, we watched him perform very close up. We've also gone to one of Beyonce's concerts, but even with our good seats, she was still so far away.

All In All,

Enjoy experiences. Things don't make you happy. “That's true unless it's a good bag,” Amanda pointed out, “I love designer bags, so for me, that is joy, joy, joy.” Amanda tries to convince me that Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and other designer bags are an investment. 

However, I think she should accept that they are a terrible commercial decision, but she loves them, so she has to have them. And that’s not a problem, she can afford them. What do you think? Are designer bags an investment? 

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