A True Pants To Riches Story !

Multi-Millionaire Samuel Leeds is a gifted businessman who lives by the mantra ” You could strip me naked, drop me in the middle of any city and within days I would be making money!” And in an incredible story, the Walsall property entrepreneur has proved the worth of those words – by raising £3,000 in one day after being dropped off in London ……. wearing just underpants

The Walsall businessman's staggering underpants to riches tale saw him

BEGIN – by flogging a bar of soap handed out as a free sample on the street for a quid.

THAT £1 was used to buy a length of rope which he used to perform magic tricks earning further change from passers by

WITH his growing cash pot the 30 year old purchased inflatable animals which he peddled on pavements:

ONCE he'd purchased a mobile phone, Samuel was in the property business again………..

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