HMO Bootcamp - Live

Two-day intensive Training Programme – However right now you also get included for free the following

  • HMO Bootcamp Online – Four-week programme (RRP £995)
  • Step-by-step manual and contract pack (RRP £500)

House in multiple occupation (HMO) is a property that has more than one household living in it. They share basic amenities, such as a bathroom or kitchen but have their own private bedroom.

Establishing Your Goldmine HMO Patch – Part 1

  • The Magic City 
  • 1 Hour Rule 
  • Which Areas Work? 
  • Expensive Location Warnings 
  • Average Room Rates 
  • Checking The Demand 
  • The Saturation Formula 
  • Checking The Supply 
  • Licensing Checks 
  • Article 4 
  • Buying On The Edges 
  • Planning Permission 
  • Buying Existing HMO’s 
  • Finding HMO Managers 
  • No.1 Market Research Strategy 
  • Dummy Adverts 
  • Speaking With Competitors 
  • Local Landlord VS Savvy Investor  


Finding Your Perfect HMO Property – Part 2

  • Knowing Where To Start 
  • Configuring Four Bedrooms From Two
  • Ninja Targeting Your Area 
  • Three Beds Into Four Beds
  • Four Bed Multi-Lets 
  • Five Bed Problems 
  • 6 Bed Sweet Spot 
  • Filter Searches 
  • Advanced Software
  • Get Docs Ready 
  • Get Agents On Side 
  • Book Your Big Day


Checking Your HMO Due Diligence – Part 3 

  • Qualifying For A Licence 
  • Refurbishment Requirements 
  • Floor Plan Fails 
  • Exit Strategy 
  • Triple Check the Demand 
  • Energy Performance Certificate 
  • Utility Bills 
  • Council Tax for HMO’s 
  • WIFI Check 
  • Article 4 Plans 
  • Suitable Mortgage
  • Declined Mortgage 
  • HMO ROI 


Renovating and Furnishing Your HMO – Part 4 

  • Overview 
  • Side Door Usage 
  • Moving Walls 
  • Adding Doorframes 
  • Fire Doors 
  • Creating Corridors 
  • Fireplaces 
  • Controlling Heating 
  • Self-Turning Off Lights
  • Council Guidelines 
  • Fire Safety Checks
  • Kitchen Guidelines
  • Room Key Safes 
  • En-suites 
  • Plug Sockets
  • Bedroom Furniture 
  • Communal Areas and Carpets 
  • TV Licences 
  • Kitchen Essentials 
  • Garden Set-Up


Finding and Managing Your HMO Tenants – Part 5 

  • Don’t Mix Households 
  • Students 
  • Professionals 
  • Council Tenants
  • Female Only House Shares 
  • House Rules 
  • Cleaner 
  • Gardener
  • Self Manage VS Agent
  • Advertising on SpareRoom, OpenRent and RightMove
  • Vetting Tenants 
  • HMO Tenancies 
  • Deposit Protections
  • One Bad Apple 
  • Dealing with Arguments
  • Evicting Tenants 
  • Budgeting For Problems 
  • Finding a HMO Manager 
  • Commercial Leases 
  • Rent2Rents 
  • Scaling Your HMO Business

The training is completely up to date. You will be given lifetime access to the HMO Bootcamp Online which we be updated whenever necessary. So rest assured you’ll always be bang up to date.

The programme lasts for 2 days. You’ll also be given lifetime access to the HMO Bootcamp Online which you can work through at your own speed.

As soon as you’ve purchased you’ll be given immediate access to the HMO Bootcamp Online.

The manual and contract pack will be sent to you in the post and usually arrives within 7 days.

The live programme takes place every 3 months. Please email [email protected] for the next available dates.

The cost of the programme is £1995 (including all taxes) 


This includes the HMO Bootcamp Online (RRP £995) and The Step-by-Step Manual and Contract Pack (RRP £500) which can both be purchased separately.

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