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Become a Master of Commercial Property Investment and Conversions

Unlock the Secrets of Commercial Property Investment and Conversions

  • Gain invaluable insights into commercial property & tax considerations
  • Understand classifications, tenancy leases, and rent arrears recovery
  • Master commercial valuations and effective negotiation techniques

Find Your Dream Commercial Property and Double Its Value

  • Discover tricks for finding deals and calculating yields
  • Learn commercial stamp duty hacks and leveraging capital allowances
  • Maximise value through business roll over relief and pension fund investments

Master the Art of Commercial Conversions and More

  • Uncover permitted development rights and online deal-finding strategies
  • Calculate conversion costs, end valuations, and formulate compelling offers
  • Gain key insights into option agreements, financing, and tax planning

Build Your Power Team and Amplify Your Success

  • Learn how to vet commercial tenants and use the commercial valuation magic calculation
  • Explore the world of 100% loans for commercial property and effective financing strategies
  • Harness tax planning on land and discover the secrets to assembling a powerhouse team

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