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AVOID THESE PEOPLE | Relationship & Business Advice | Samuel and Amanda Show

Hello people! This is me Samuel Leeds with my wife Amanda in a Samuel and Amanda show. As you all know, in this show we talk about life, relationships and money. Today, we will discuss the red flag signs in business or in a relationship. By saying red flag I am sure you people understand what I mean. It is actually when you don’t get good vibes from any person. I asked Amanda if she has any problematic people in her life, to which she said that she does not keep these kinds of people in her life. As soon as she feels something disturbing, she disconnects from them. It means she sees the red flag and gets out of it. That’s how your life stays in peace. 

So, today we will discuss the things you really need to look out for if you find yourself stuck in a problem. 


Weekly Update

Talking about how our whole week went, Amanda shared that it was amazing and she had her first girls night out yesterday after the birth of her baby Jessica. She really enjoyed it with all the girls. She had visited some properties as well so she can renovate and make it look good.  

Meanwhile, I have been very busy the whole week. I didn’t even go with Amanda to view the properties. I was doing ACNP (Accelerated Coaching and Mentoring Program). It was a training program and It went for two days with a small group of academy members. I was coaching and working with them and it was a great experience. After that I went to Liverpool directly from the training, had staff meetings and all. Overall it was a very busy week.


Signs of Red Flag

Coming to the discussion, let’s start with what are the signs of red flags. Like how would you recognize that from which people you have to distance yourself? Like if a person is a criminal or violent then obviously you know it and it’s a big problem for everyone but sometimes little things also make you realize that this person is not suitable. We have made a list of few, so let’s begin with Amanda. 

The first thing Amanda shared is ‘obsessiveness.’ Like if you are in a relationship with a person who is really obsessed with you and everything around you, this might attract you in the beginning like you may go crazy about how he/she cares for you and is always all over you. He doesn’t like when you go out alone or stops you from doing a lot of things, you will feel like how caring he is and he does not want to share me with anyone. It might be a sweet gesture but by the time it can get worse. The longer you stay with a person, things will go in different directions. He keeps checking on you, forbidding you from the stuff you really want to do like taking control of everything. He might ask you to leave your friends and just be with him, it’s like isolating and separating from family and others. For me it is a sign of a red flag because as the time passes you will feel exhausted because sometimes people hate everyone and when he is obsessed with you so his all attention will be on you and then he tries to rule you. It is a red flag. Relationship does not run on one person’s orders. But both have to take it smoothly and here understanding matters a lot. 

Like Amanda said, she went for a girls night out yesterday, she informed me that she will be back home in a few hours even though it took a bit longer than a few hours but it’s just fine and I didn’t text or call her and say see the time and when will you be back home. No! Why would I disturb her? She is enjoying it and it’s her right. Your partner needs some space also. Give them a freedom to live and not be bound in your ruling circle. That’s what Amanda liked about me. Sae goes with my wife, she never texted or called me every time because she knows I am spending some time with my friends which is okay. Even my friend’s wife is continuously texting them that when will you come back home, I mean calm down what’s the issue? Every person wants some free time to spend wherever he wants to. So,keep the balance and your life will be at peace. 

Another red flag is when people complain about their ex or exes. Like I have seen many people saying that my previous girlfriend was a psycho and before her, the one I was having a relationship with was also a mad girl. Even in business people do the same, complaining about their bosses. I have interviewed many and when I asked them about their previous job like how it was and your boss, they said he was a nightmare. 

I don’t find this positive. Like it is not necessary that your boss is a problem, maybe you don’t like what he wants you to do or maybe you don’t like to be given instructions or orders. It is not good to put down your former boss. If you keep on complaining about others then it means the problem is you. How can everyone be complicated? You need to change yourself and grow positively. If you can’t say good words about someone then do not slag off also. 

Rebound Situation

Rebound situation is also a sign of a red flag. Like when people want to jump in the relationship without knowing the feelings. Like if someone had a breakup and at the same time he found someone else and wanted to be in the relationship immediately. For me it is not healthy because, a person may be just finding a comfort that he was in. But also it depends, how he manages.

Let me tell you my story, me and Amanda met on 5th April 2014 and before that I had a breakup and the relationship lasted for two months only because my girlfriend was a drama queen, she was kind of jealous. Don’t get me wrong here as maybe I am sounding a red flag to you and Amanda but we were not compatible and it was quite early when I found out and I came out of that relationship. Then I met Amanda and we discussed this as Amanda said to me that it is a rebound situation so you have to think properly whether you are serious about me or not. And I definitely told her that it is not a rebound situation because I really liked her, she is beautiful, smart and intelligent, in short she is perfect. I shared my past experience with her and she said it is fine. At first I was shocked because I thought she might be asking questions related to this every day but no I was wrong she never did this. After a few months in a relationship with Amanda I found out that she is my perfect match because what I had been looking for, she fits in. She always brings positive thoughts in my mind. Like in my business, she always says don't look for the problem, find out the solution.  

Amanda said that what holds the relationship is honesty. Lying is another red flag, whether a big lie or a little, it can ruin your trust and bonding. I have never lied to Amanda about anything so our chemistry gets stronger. Even sometimes if I am joking and Amanda says do you promise I was like stop there because that joke can become a lie so it matters whether it a big lie or a little one. Staying honest with your partner is the purity of married life. Keep yourself clean from inside so things will get easier and better. My wife said she loves the honesty in me because I put up everything in front of her and same goes with my business, I keep everything open to my staff and I don’t like to play with my employees, disturbing and fussing them. I confront whatever it takes. 

Green Flag Signals

Whether it’s a business or relationship, it is you who can make things clean and positive. Keep one thing in mind that always think about giving and not what you get. Like for a beautiful marriage you have to think about what you can give to this relation, how you can make it better. Similarly, when you go for an interview do not think how much salary you will get, instead think what you can give to this company and you will see the outcome for you. If politicians start thinking about what they can give to their country and not thinking about what they will get then the country will definitely grow better. 

You just have to think about giving and you will get the best reward in return automatically. These are symbols of the green flag: clean and pure. If we all start thinking like this then red flags will be minimum. 


Fans’ Questions


We have a few questions from our fans so let’s see what they are asking us.


  • A lady asked a question from Amanda praising her beauty and pretty skin, she asked: ‘What color of lipstick Amanda is wearing?’ 

It worried me because at a moment a thought came in my mind that our show is not becoming a beauty show. Well, I was just kidding. Amanda answered that the lipstick brand is two-faced and the color is lady balls. 

  • Coming to the next question, Streak asked: ‘Are you guys ever thinking of buying your own dream house?’ Well, Streak we are already living in our dream house, we rent this house and it is very beautiful. But if it’s like building our dream house so yeah we will surely do it to make money of course. 
  • Last question came from Emmanuel. She asked Amanda how old she was when she moved to the UK and how long it took to adjust your taste buds to English cuisines and also do you cook African meals at home and whether Samuel likes it or not. Amanda replied she moved to the UK when she was 10 years old and the English food is nice but as compared to Zimbabwe food it is a bit bland. And yeah I have also tried African food and right now we are also going to an English party and there will be different food. I am so excited. 

Wrap Up!

Alright, that’s all for today. The final words of wisdom from Amanda is keep doing things consistently and do not give up. Like she is struggling to lose her weight and she keeps on telling herself that it will take time and you have eaten heavy yesterday so be on track and things will fall for you. Be positive and keep that energy in you. Thank you for watching our video. Keep watching and do not forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Take care everyone. See you soon!

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