Become Financially Free By 2022 (100 People Private WhatsApp Group)

I have decided to create a private WhatsApp group, and the first 100 people who message me will be added to it. More about that later in the article, but first I want to set out 3 things you need to do in order to become financially free by next year. Even if you aren’t among those that get into the private group, if you implement the steps below you will be in a much better position by 2022 than you are today.

Here are the exact steps you need to take. Make a start right now, today.

1. The goal

So first thing, if you want to win in property, you want to win in business, you need to have a goal.

Now I think the biggest reason that people fail is not because they don't know they should have a goal, but it's they don't know how to actually create a goal. Many people think, ‘Yeah, I know I need a goal, but what is my goal?’ So I am going to give you a goal.

I want you to be making £2,000 in passive income per month. If it's not got a specific date, it's just a dream, not a goal. Therefore, I want you to do it by January the 31st of 2022. That's the goal! [At the time of writing, we are in September 2021. If you are reading this at a later stage, adjust your goal accordingly.]

Why £2,000 per month in passive income? Because if you're making two thousand pounds a month,

it means that you've replaced the average salary, which means that technically, you should be financially free!

2. Learn to calculate ROI

You need to be able to understand the numbers. Property is a people game, but it's also a numbers game. I see a lot of people in this property business and they're really out there; they've got lots of

energy; they take lots of action, but they just don't know how to work the basic numbers of the property real estate business. They don't know what the difference is between revenue and profit margins, gross and net, etc.

The biggest thing you need to be able to work out is the return on investment; you need to be able to work out cash on cash ROI.

So, I've put together a return on investment excel spreadsheet, which will really help you work out the return on investment on deals. As part of the WhatsApp group, which 100 people are going to get access to, I'm going to include the full return on investment spreadsheet totally free of charge.

3. Take massive action

Once you've got a goal and you understand your numbers, the third thing is you’ve just got to take massive, massive action! It really surprises me when I see people with opportunities on the table, and they just haven't got the courage or they haven't got the time to actually go and take action.

For example, I had someone just message my Instagram and say, ‘Samuel, I'm really, really desperate to become financially free. Do you run any training programs?’ So I told him about the crash course and he was really excited. He asked when the next ones were and I sent him the dates. His response? ‘I live in London and the London one is sold out. When is the next one in London?’ All he needed to do was travel down to Heathrow or Wolverhampton or something. It's not far! But that's the thing, people take themselves out of the game at the very first hurdle!

You have got to take action and take all opportunities that come your way.

Join the free private WhatsApp group (first 100 people only)

If you want to be one of the first hundred to take massive action and to get into my WhatsApp group, how does that work? In the private WhatsApp group, I'm going to be notifying you of special things that are going on. You will get notifications of offers, opportunities, courses and more plus I'm going to be giving you access to the return on investment spreadsheet. So, how much is it to be a part of this WhatsApp group? It's completely free! Here’s how to join…


Direct message me on Instagram or Facebook (Official Samuel Leeds Page) with your FULL NAME and NUMBER. The group will be created over the following days! PLEASE BE AWARE I WILL NEVER give out my number in YouTube comments (these are scammers) nor will I ever ask for your number in YouTube comments.

I hope to see you hit your goal of financial freedom by January 2022; I'm rooting for you!

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