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My book The Secrets of Property Development is my story of transitioning from property investment into property development and how BIG property deals can be 10x more profitable than small deals, yet require even less work!

The book reveals the inner secrets of property development and explodes the myth that you need to be rich to get started. You can download the audiobook from Amazon here.

In my latest video, I read chapter 2 about how I met Lord Sugar. Here is an excerpt from the video about how the meeting came about….

How I Met Lord Sugar

My plans of owning a thousand properties was always applauded by my mentors and peers. I'd also become very popular in the media as I symbolized youthful entrepreneurialism. I was approached by many people from all walks of life who wanted to pat me on the back and pick my brain about property investment. Within a matter of months of finding a new mentor, I'd become richer than they were. My portfolio was rising in value, and I was leveraging the equity to buy more and more houses. As a by-product of finding good property deals for myself, I was packaging and selling hundreds of property investment deals and using the money to expand my own portfolio.

Every time I had a strategy session with my mentor, I would far surpass the targets that were set. I spent a small fortune on hiring new coaches who could help me raise the bar even higher. It was a struggle to find people who were more successful than I was or whom I would not overtake very quickly.

That changed when I received an invitation to attend a business conference where Lord Sugar would be speaking. I thought it'd be a good idea to attend, as I had never met Lord Sugar and he was a billionaire who held most of his wealth in real estate. Before booking tickets, I rang up the event organizers and explained that I really wanted an opportunity to sit down with Lord Sugar and get some bespoke guidance on my business plan to own a thousand homes.

To my surprise they said yes, so long as I paid £4800, I'd be able to sit down around a table for at least an hour with only five other business owners and ask Lord Sugar any personal questions I had relevant to my business. I immediately paid the money as I thought this was a rare opportunity that could prove priceless. After all I thought, he must know something more than I do because his bank balance is bigger than mine.

So on November the 10th 2017, I found myself sitting around a private boardroom table with Lord Sugar at the Heathrow Airport Hilton Hotel.

What did Lord Sugar think of my plan to own a thousand properties; he hated it! To find out why click here to watch the full YouTube video. If you would like to get a copy of my book The Secrets of Property Development, please visit the Amazon page here. It is available as an audiobook, Kindle e-book or as a paperback.

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