Bitcoin is CRASHING! (my thoughts)

Samuel Leeds

Bitcoin is CRASHING! (my thoughts)….

Hey everyone! How are you all? I am your property guide, Samuel Leeds. Today, I am here to put my opinion about bitcoin and cryptocurrency and what’s happening in it. After making immense benefits in Bitcoin and other different coins, dealers of cryptocurrency are running into property investment in 2021. Many people are making lots of money in property and crypto as well but it requires a clear vision while investing in anything especially which has high risk. So, you need to be very smart to vary yourself. Also, I am just giving my point of view, it is not that I am giving any advice. Well, let’s begin what I think about this.

What’s Happening with Bitcoin?

I myself have invested some time in cryptocurrency and bitcoin a few years ago but it is not like that I am fully expert in it but what I experience and what I think it is, I will share with you because my profession is property. Well, you must have seen the pattern of bitcoin which used to go up and down but right now it is crashing. My first coin that I bought was seven thousand pounds and now its price stands at 27,000 pounds. Also, it hit 50 a few weeks before. But when people heard that it was crashing, they started to sell it. 

They began to transform it into property. Do you know about dogecoin? Many people have got this but it was only created as a joke. It works like when people bought many coins as you can create an infinite amount of coins and what people do is they buy coins when the price is low and then it goes up, so it works quite interestingly. I have also written an article regarding the diversification of cryptocurrency to property

Bitcoin Issues

Whenever you thinkin to buying a house, do buy without capital appreciation because it does not make any sense as you still get your rent. You are buying it for rent so no matter if it goes up or down. People have the hope that it goes up so they buy the house but bitcoin does not give any rent. Nobody knows what is going to happen, like it might go up or not. You cannot predict. This might make you lots of money or not so also. 

What I Suggest

I think you only invest the amount in cryptocurrency that may not affect your wealth or you can afford to lose if you are thinking about investing. Bring variety to your table if you can, like investing in property because it saves your amount. It makes you the owner and whenever the value goes up, you can sell your property, it is in your hand. And the property value mostly goes up and it also gives you a rent depending on your utilization. 

Most people take a smart move by investing in dogecoin, taking out the profit then putting it in the property. It is a really interesting business even Elon Musk has invested in bitcoin about 1.5 billion pounds and its price went up crazy. So, see if it can work for Elon so why not for you? 

Wind Up!

Well this is what my thoughts that I have shared with you all. Do read my article that I wrote for entrepreneur magazine and share your feedback with me. Also tell me what you are planning? Are you going to invest in cryptocurrency and transform into property or not? Will bitcoin crash or not? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Till then take care bye!


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