Blind Teenagers Pay For Samuel Leeds Course (Property Training Exposed)

In my last video I showed how two blind teenagers made £3,000 at my Deal Selling Masterclass. Whatever your background, whatever disadvantages you might have, you can be successful in property. This is an important lesson because society tries to make you focus on all the reasons you can’t do it, rather than all the reasons you can. Many people with power and wealth would much prefer you to assume you don’t have a chance and never compete with them. You need to ensure you have the mindset that says you can!

In business, having a positive mindset is a massive part of success. Even with all the knowledge in the world, you can still fail if you don’t think you can do it. If you give up as soon as a problem arises, you will never make it in the business world. Part of success is choosing to believe you will make it even when it doesn’t seem rational. In this article, I am going to give you 3 ways to cultivate a positive mental attitude.

1. You are a property investor

Even if you haven’t bought a single property yet, you are a property investor. If you intend to be successful in this business, you need to start thinking of yourself, and referring to yourself, as a property investor. Include it in your social media profiles; introduce yourself that way to estate agents; and most importantly, view yourself that way in your own mind.

Think about it: if you started a printing business, you wouldn’t put out a leaflet saying, ‘I’m thinking about becoming a printer, maybe if I find some clients I will be one.’ You would consider yourself a printing business from day one. The same is true of being a property investor.

However, it is important to make sure you know your stuff if you are going to consider yourself a property investor. Ensure you get the appropriate training first.

2. Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations may seem like wishful thinking, or overly American self-development nonsense, but in reality they are an important part of creating a winning mindset. Over your lifetime you will have acquired many myths about success, which you need to deprogram yourself out of. You will also have many limiting beliefs about yourself that generally well-meaning, but unsuccessful, people have given you.

Positive affirmations help you to correct your self perception. Make a list of positive affirmations and say them daily. Change how you see yourself and in time you will change your reality to match that perception. Of course, this isn’t a substitute for hard work and the correct set of skills. You will certainly need those things too.

3. Create a dream board

If you want something,, make it tangible. Having a vague idea that you want to be successful isn’t going to be enough to get there; you need to know exactly what you want. A dream board is a notice board with pictures of exactly what you are going for stuck on it. You can put your perfect home; the car you want to drive; and the things you want to do for others on it.

Make sure to pick the things you actually want, rather than what is generally associated with wealth. If you want a cottage, don’t put a mansion on your dream board. If you don’t care much about cars, don’t put a fancy sports car on the board. Make sure everything is meaningful to you personally.

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