Can an 18 year old find success in property investment?

The answer depends on how much effort they put in and what knowledge they have access to. This applies to everybody, no matter how old you are. If you want success in property investment, you need to surround yourself with people who can add value to your journey. Network with people who can equip you with the tools so you can get to your end goal faster. Success in property investment is relative to your ambitions. You might just want to earn enough passive income per month so you can improve your lifestyle. On the other hand, you might be imagining a full blown property portfolio and quitting your 9-to-5. Success in property depends on you – are you in or not?

In this video you'll meet Jake Sadler, an 18 year old who had some incredibly good fortune recently. Was he left a huge inheritance? Did he get a promotion at his work? No. He got something far more valuable and long-term than that. Jake was the lucky winner of Samuel's competition where he gave you guys the chance to win £4,000 in training credit. The winner was chosen at random and contacted live on camera – you can watch Jake's reaction in the video attached to this article.

After making use of his £4K training credit, Jake now has his fingers in many property pies. Namely, lease option agreements, buy-refinance-refurbish and rent-to-rents. He already knew the basics of property investment from casually watching Samuel's content but he says after attending the training courses, he's now got the knowhow and tactics to make it work. Theory is different to practice because you actually need the blueprint and tools to do it in real life – these are things which you can gain from Samuel's courses.

Watch the video to see how 18 year old Jake took advantage of our courses!

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