Can my teachings be applied worldwide? Q&A Sunday

Every Sunday, I answer my viewers' questions on YouTube. If you have a question about property or business, why not drop it in the comments section of this week’s video? Next week I will answer as many of the questions as I can, hopefully yours will be among them. It is not often that you get to ask a multimillionaire property investor a question and have them give you an answer; don’t waste this opportunity!

This week, I got a really good question about whether what I teach applies worldwide. I have students from all over the world fly in to attend my training, so this is a really important question. Therefore, I decided to make a blog post covering the question and my answer. Thank you to Leonardo for asking such a good question. I look forward to answering some more great questions next week.

Leonardo Hartanto said…

Question, it will be great to help.

Does your class applicable in Australia/Indonesia/Singapore/Malaysia? Because 4 of this country have different price of property and rent?

My reply…

The good news is, yes, my teachings that I'm going to be sharing just generally on the YouTube channel apply pretty much all over the world. This is because property investment boils down to putting down money, investing money, and then seeing your return.

So if you're buying a property in Malaysia or Singapore or Australia or in the UK, then you're going to be able to do the strategies as they are the same. You put down a deposit, you rent it out and then you see a good return on investment. Knowing how to work out the return on investment, your due diligence on tenants you put into properties, etc.; it's all pretty much international stuff.

In terms of things like Rent to Rent and Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent, these are also strategies that work all over the world. Of course, you need to make sure before you do a strategy that it works in your area, but even in the UK the rules are different in Scotland and in Wales and in Northern Ireland. Even in England itself, the rules in London are different to the rules in Birmingham. Therefore you need to make sure that you're clued up on your local area knowledge, but the strategies are pretty much global strategies.

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing you dominate Asia with your property investing skills!

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