Can You Move Money Into the UK Without a UK Bank? YES! | Thoughtful Thursday #7

This week’s episode of thoughtful Thursday features a prominent figure in the financial world. Robert Joseph is a money mover for years he has helped people invest their money from abroad without the use of a UK bank account.

Why do people need this kind of help? Robert explains that there is a huge demand for people that want to invest in the UK but struggle with the know-how of doing this. This is where Robert and his company Central FX come into the fold.

They help people get the best interest rates and make sure that the funds are available when they are needed for.  At times people find that it’s easier to invest in other countries as their current country doesn’t have the same benefits has higher rates, and inflated prices.

Robert has noticed Liverpool, Glasgow and Birmingham are some of the highly requested places people from abroad would like to invest in. Robert makes it easy for people to open accounts with Central FX. They simply call up discuss the plans that they have and where they would like to invest in, they will then agree a deal on the phone. The funds will take between 2 to 3 days to transfer over.

Why is Central FX so successful? They have built up a strong rapport and have instilled confidence with everyone that they have come into contact with. This has resulted in repeat business. They know that their money will arrive on the deadlines that they have been set and that Robert and his team know exactly what they are doing.

They offer a great service and excellent rates which you are handling people’s money is important. Having a solid power team in place will balance out the workload making sure that daily tasks and requests are handled efficiently and are cost-effective for all parties involved.

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