Did I Really Fail The Financial Freedom Challenge?

Samuel Leeds

Did I Really Fail The Financial Freedom Challenge?

00:29 Did you really fail your financial freedom challenge? Are you putting out the full video still?

01:27 Is it better to get deals direct to vendor as I’m struggling with agents at the moment?

03:16 I’m thinking of going to uni but I’ve heard you say it’s bad. My mum really thinks I should do it but I’m not sure. What should I do?

05:23 How do you find a good deal sourcer because I want to invest but not sure what to buy?

07:09 I really want to become financially free but there seems to be so much to do and so many books to read. How do you deal with procrastination and staying focussed?

09:37 I’m looking to sell my house which will give me £120,000 and then buy a new place that I can add value to by extending the side and creating an extra two bedrooms that I could rent out for a profit. Is this a good plan because I’m worried I’ll start getting hit with tax bills? I’ve been watching your videos for two years and they are very informative but I don’t know if it’ll just be too much hassle

11:27 I’m trying to get a rent to rent deal but not sure what to say when I phone the agents. Please could you give me your words.

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