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This November Samuel Leeds is going to be undertaking a Financial Freedom Challenge. This will entail him starting all over again with NOTHING, to prove that with the correct knowledge and mind-set, ANYBODY can become financially free through property investing.

Ahead of the upcoming challenge, which starts in a week, Russell Leeds sat down with Samuel to ask him a few questions about how the challenge is going to work and also find out how he is feeling in the week leading up to it.

Samuel has previously done a detailed video explaining the rules that he will have to abide by whilst doing this challenge. You can watch that here:

A brief overview of the rules is that Samuel will

Start from scratch with absolutely NO MONEY

Use an alias name

Be in a completely BRAND NEW area where he has ZERO contacts and NO properties in the area

What is the point of the Financial Freedom Challenge?

You are probably wondering, why would Samuel do this? Samuel shared, “The main reason is because I want to really BUST the myths and break any excuses that it is not possible. It’s easy for people to say to me, you have your money and your reputation but for me it’s tough””. By doing this, Samuel hopes these people can stop the excuses and be awakened to the fact that with the knowledge and correct mind-set it IS POSSIBLE regardless of your circumstances.

The rules of the challenge have been set to give Samuel the worst possible starting point, so he can really prove his point.

Russell went on to ask Samuel why he would put himself through this again, bearing in mind how hard it is and also because he already went through it 10 years ago, when he started in property at the age of 17. Samuel’s response to this is very simple “That was then and this is now.” Most people like to say that back then was ‘easier’ to invest in property and things are a lot harder now and Samuel wants to show that this is not the case. He also said, “Last time it took me 4 years…and I’m confident [this time] it will take more like weeks.

How will the Financial Freedom Challenge be documented?

For the challenge, Samuel will have his phone with him to keep everyone updated on his progress to some degree, in the form of photos and video blogs vlogs, which he will post on his YouTube channel and his Facebook group ‘Property Investors with Samuel Leeds’. Samuel explained that in addition to this there will be a fly on the wall freelance videographer who will

capture the journey from start to finish. The videographer will put together an official documentary from a third party ‘fly on the wall’ perspective of exactly what happened throughout the whole time.

The challenge starts on 15th November 2018 and Samuel is hoping to complete the challenge within 6 weeks. The documentary will be published on Boxing Day, 26th December 2018 regardless of whether Samuel has completed the challenge then or not.

Where will the Financial Freedom Challenge take place?

Samuel will be undertaking the challenge in a city where he has NO properties or contacts and he has let his followers suggest places for the challenge to take place. Any places mentioned more than once will be put into a hat. Samuel will then be filmed picking a city out of the hat either the day before the challenge starts or even the morning of! So he will have no clue up until this point. Samuel will stay in a hotel that is no more than £100 per night in the new city.

What is Samuel’s strategy?

It is common in property that the income you earn from it does not come in straight away so you can be waiting weeks to start earning money. Russell asked Samuel “How are you going to track how much money you are making?” Samuel shared his plan is to “Secure all the deals and get the money coming in. My target is £3,000 per month. Half of that needs to be passive or residual income, recurring each month and half of it can be active income – [all through property deals].” An independent accountant will check all the figures so they can validate them and confirm they are all a property income.

Samuel will NOT be using his own videographer, Nick. He will have a freelance videographer who does not work for Samuel, so they too are objective in the filming and editing of the challenge. Samuel will have zero control or involvement in this so you get true view of the documented challenge.

The challenge is not going to be a walk in the park and Samuel knows that. He went on to say that after reading the rules of the challenge Simon Zutshi, a fellow successful property investor commented that “[Samuel] has basically set himself up to fail and he would rather it be Samuel than him!”

Things are a lot different for Samuel now from when he did this challenge 10 years ago. Russell asked him “As someone who delegates quite a lot, do you think that [doing all the] the little things might throw you now?” and Samuel responded saying, “Yes. One of the reasons I am doing this as well is because I think that I want to keep connected with my students and a lot of students who come on the Property Investors Crash Course and things like that are doing everything! They are working a full time job and if they started for the first time and just booked themselves 2 weeks holiday from work and went crazy they wouldn’t have all the resources [I have] and they would have

to physically do it all themselves.” So in the same way, Samuel wants to be totally independent as anyone else starting out would and experience that.

The whole point of this is to show that with the right KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE anyone can do this.

What are Samuel’s fears?

When asked what he was most scared of, Samuel admitted that “I am a little bit afraid and I have made myself vulnerable. Lots of people are asking me how the preparation for the financial freedom challenge is going and I’m just like ‘PREPARE? How can I prepare when I don’t even know where I am going to be?!”

For every decision he makes, Samuel always looks at what the BEST case, WORST case and LIKELY case will be and Russell asked him what his thoughts were on this challenge.

BEST CASE – Samuel will be financially free within a month and home for Christmas. Also that he would inspire hundreds, maybe thousands of people that don’t think it is possible. Hopefully these people will be INSPIRED and AWAKENED to feel they can achieve the same for themselves and as a result of that, more and more people will be able to take control and responsibility of their life and get better RESULTS.

WORST CASE – Samuel fails. After a week he doesn’t have money to pay for a longer stay in the hotel and become homeless and have to quit the challenge! All the haters get to laugh at his failure. “Failing will be embarrassing and annoying. However I think even if I fail, there will be a lesson in that. It is okay to fail so whatever happens there will be lessons.”

LIKELY CASE – Samuel succeeds and becomes financially free, but it takes a little longer than he wants and goes into the New Year.


Samuel goes on to say “[Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s a part of success.] There are some people who don’t succeed because they are afraid to fail and the feeling that I have right now of putting myself out there, I could look stupid if I fail, is the EXACT same feeling that thousands of people have about starting their journey in property. That is also how I’m feeling right now and I am trying to take myself back to what it’s like to start all over again so I can be in a better position to help people starting for the first time.

Final thoughts

When asked whether he thought people wanted him to succeed or fail, Samuel responded,I think people want me to succeed. I just want to inspire people and go through it and prove to myself and to others that it is possible.” If he did fail, Samuel stated that he would give it another go.

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