Financially Free in 4 WEEKS | Winners on a Wednesday #13


Meet Ann Mather the latest winner on a Wednesday after just 4 weeks is proud to announce that she is now financially free.  Ann has a unique story a full-time nurse from Newcastle and after learning that her husband’s pension wasn’t going to be sufficient enough for them to live on she decided to become a property investor.

After watching Samuel's YouTube video’s and reading his free book Ann took it upon herself to refinance her house which she invested into having two property investment deals set up before even meeting Samuel or attending his crash course.

The Initial process of her interaction with Samuel and the property investors academy almost never happened due to her strained finances she was initially unable to afford the academy. But eventually joined the academy paying non-installments such was the potential that Samuel and the rest of academy saw in her, after that she was up and running.  Samuel taking to her hardworking nature and perseverance resulted in being whisked away to teaching locations around the world such as Barcelona, South Africa and Uganda.

Her rapid success and progression has seen Ann quit her job as a full-time nurse and now brings in a profit of £800 a month after all her expenses have all been accounted for and now is a bonafide 24/7 property investor.  The next phase in Ann’s property portfolio includes investing in a rent to rent serviced accommodation which could potentially give her a further income of £1000 to £2000.

The goal after that would be to enable her husband to become financial free which is a huge turn around as initial he wasn’t too thrilled with Ann’s venture into the property investment business. Now having seen the results and the success that’s been had he is fully on board even giving tips and suggestion on what can be done to strengthen the portfolio.

The philosophy Ann abides by for her success is to take action and remain disciplined during times of disappointment which she can attest to having during her short time being a property investor.  

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