Financially Free in 6 WEEKS! | Samuel Leeds interviews Sheryl and Leah Miller

Samuel sat down with mother and daughter team, Sheryl and Leah Miller to find out how they have done 9 property deals in just 6 WEEKS! Their strategy has been Rent to Rent (R2R) and Serviced Accommodation (SA) and now they are making over £14,000 passive income every month, ultimately making them financially free!

Sheryl and Leah are students of Samuel’s and have hit the ground running with attaining 7 SA deals, 1 Buy-to-Let (BTL) House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) deal and an apartment block that will be used as SA. Sheryl, who is an accountant by trade, shared that on average the SA deals bring in between £2,000-£2,500 per property per month.


The ladies explained that once they joined the academy and started the training that was available to them, they did not want to waste any time and just took ACTION. Sheryl says “It came really quickly after the crash course. We then came on our coaching day here [at Hilton Hall] and literally the day after we got in touch with a business contact in Birmingham and asked him whether he still had this property available, which he did…and that’s how our first one came about.” The pair did not stop there and were on the look out for their next deal. She goes on to explain “We came on the PPE, heard the training and literally the same evening, we went to a restaurant and just sat there and did what we were told to do on the course and off the back of that we then got the deals through estate agents.”

When asked if they had any previous property training or attended any programmes or similar, the pair both admitted they had NEVER done anything like this and had NO EXPERIENCE which is astounding considering what they have achieved in only 6 weeks!

Leah, who recently graduated was working as a marketing assistant before quitting her job, only 2 weeks after joining the academy to be full time on their property business. She shared how she had watched Samuel’s Youtube videos for a while and had been nagging her mum to attend the crash course with her. Samuel asked them “If you would have known what would have happened, would you have booked on straight away?” and the answer from them was ‘DEFINITELY!’


Serviced Accommodation Deals 

For 6 weeks Sheryl and Leah have worked hard and have lived and breathed all things to do with property. When they started getting bookings and seeing the money come in from their deals, Sheryl said that it felt ‘surreal’. They are happy because from the start they have always been booked up and they have managed to maintain an 80% and above occupancy rate, which is phenomenal.  

So what is the process to setting up deals SA like this?

1. Find an apartment in a city centre such as Birmingham

2. Give the landlord a guaranteed rent for the property

3. Ensure you have the correct contracts, permissions and insurance

4. Set up the properties, get bookings and earn your income!

Sheryl said “It has been life changing…I challenge anybody to come to [the] crash course and for it not to be a game changer for your life. For us, I could just tell when we went on those 2 days that we were going to take it and absolutely GO for it.”

Samuel responded saying “Obviously, I can only show people what I did and give people tools and then it is down to people to then implement it and you know it’s not easy and it’s hard BUT it is POSSIBLE.

It is very easy for people to think you go on a training course and it’s just like a magic wand. Samuel totally disagrees with this and puts it simply; you go on a training course,



GO put it to work!

Sheryl really commends the academy and the extra training she has received as a result, as she explains that had it not been for them joining the academy their success may not have been as big as it has been.


You may be wondering, what is the longevity of the Rent to SA strategy? Will this strategy be available to do long term or is now the golden moment?

Samuel says that NOW is the golden moment and that you must take ACTION and do something NOW!

Longevity is very important too and whilst you can make £14,000 each month from SA deals, you should be smart and also invest the profit into buying BTL properties – which is what Sheryl and Leah are also doing.

Sheryl states “We look at the SAs as the cash flow element of the business, so that will keep bringing in cash that can then be reinvested into BTLs or big development projects.”

Getting set up they spent £8,000 on upfront rent for their SAs and letting agent fees. But in the grand scheme of things this is a small amount considering the whopping 200% return on investment (ROI) they will receive from these deals.

Buy-to-Let Deal

To have an initial pot of money to start with, Sheryl refinanced her own house


and managed to obtain £80,000, which they are using to buy a BTL property.

The pair plans to spend £25,000 doing the property up and then rent it out as a 4-bedroom HMO.

They plan to rent the rooms out for £400 each and also refinance the property to pull their money out. Really making the most of the property and what it can give them. They will ultimately on leave in about £7,000 of their own money in the house whilst making a profit of £1,000 per month.

It has not all been rosy for the pair and though it seems like everything they touch turns to gold, along with a lot of success comes rejection. Leah shared how they heard the word ‘no’ a lot when looking for deals,With the SAs when we were calling the estate agents, literally every one said no except one. Now we are in with that one agent and that has helped us get the other deals.”

Samuel always says ‘Your hardest deal is always your first’ and the pair totally agrees with this.

Samuel asked Sheryl and Leah to share what their BIGGEST KEY to SUCCESS was and they said

             -Taking ACTION straight away

             -Be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES

             -BE OBSESSED

So what is next for the mother and daughter team?

The ladies are loving the SA deals so are looking to

               -Grow their portfolio

               -Up the standard and be the best and

               -Systemise the business

Final thoughts

On their experience of being academy members, they both said “Amazing”. Sheryl went on to explain, “You go on the crash course, which is free and great for how much training you get. For us, the academy was almost then the catalyst that just helped to really unleash it and I think we would have struggled [to achieve our personal goals] if we had just done the crash course.”

You may be reading this and thinking that it sounds too good to be true or even making excuses in your head as to why this wouldn’t work for you or why you could never do it because you have NO money to start with.

The best simple advice for you is to get trained and get the KNOWLEDGE so you can go on an implement. You could be financially free in 6 weeks with the right training and knowledge.


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