How This Nigerian Dentist Became Financially Free | Winners on a Wednesday #41

Episode 41 of winners on Wednesday features Aby Asanga former dentist. Now through the training, Samuel has provided she has become financially free. Aby is not one to shout about her accomplishments and it took some convincing from Samuel for her to finally appear on winners.

Aby’s journey to financial freedom started after years of working in the dentistry industry which started in 2003 in Nigeria. Continuing in England in 2006 which was a mixture of working for the private health care sector and the NHS.

It was her work within this industry that eventually led her to come across Samuel. A colleague that she was working with had come across some property pages on Facebook. They asked to Aby if she had heard of Samuel which she hasn’t. This led Aby to being intrigued and started to her own research.

After attending the crash course in November at the time Aby had become an accidental landlord and wasn’t getting the most of the property she was renting out. The crash course opened up her to a range of strategies. She soon realized that the strategy that she was using wasn’t working and decided to change it.

The property was converted into an HMO which at the time was bringing in a profit of £400 but once Aby changed the strategy and went with an HMO. The profit increased to £900-£1,000 per month. As her confidence and knowledge of property investment grew so did a portfolio. Currently, she has 4 deals and is working on a 5th.

These consist of two multi lets and two rent to rent service accommodations. When all the numbers are accounted for she is making near £3,000 per month in profit. Alongside her rising success, she was able to quit her job in March and dive into property full time.

Aby has properties that cover a majority of strategies but for her fifth one, she is doing something that she has done before a BRRR. Her success from all her other properties has allowed her to recycle her cash giving her the funds for future projects.

Taking action and having a strong belief in what it takes in order to be a success no better example than the one Aby has set. Now she is reaping the rewards of this. After suffering from ill health combined with close friends and family questioning her involvement in property. She now has achieved her goal of financial freedom.

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