Full Refurb In 5 Days!! The Eviction: 2020: Episode 4

Samuel Leeds

Full Refurb In 5 Days!! The Eviction: 2020: Episode 4!

In this year's The Eviction, the stakes have been raised big time. With the winner receiving the keys to the Kingdom by getting a life-changing prize of a whole week of one-to-one mentoring in their own financial freedom challenge.

Get ready for more drama and more heartbreak as candidates fight to become this year’s winner of The Eviction.

We’ve had five-hundred candidates that applied for the competition, and ten people who became part of the process.

Fourth Challenge: The Eviction

Previously, we had given contestants Lease Option Agreement challenges. While the teams had done well overall, we had to evict two participants due to their lack of performance.

For the fourth challenge, I’m going to put the pressure on the three finalists: David, Evans, and Lawton. I’m going to give them a refurbishment challenge with a small budget. They would have to find a tenant from scratch. This will be interesting to see how they work with each other to complete the task, and will ultimately lead me to find out who is going to do the financial freedom challenge with me.

I invited the three contestants to my worst house in New Castle. I call it my worst house because it is a little shabby, I’ve had bad tenants in here, and because it’s so far away from my house, I’ve never tried to sort it out.

As a challenge, I’m going to give the contestants my debit card with £2,000 loaded in it and ask them to refurbish the property. I was quoted for £4,000, but the contestants will be doing the whole thing at half the price.

In addition to that, I will give the contestants a time of four days to get a confirmed tenant in the property, ready to move in. My wife will be coming to the property to inspect how the contestants have done since she's an interior designer. She is also a quantity surveyor, she expects the property to look good. I also expect the IST contract to be signed and the tenant ready to move in.

As a bonus, the property will be the accommodation for these folks until they get it refurbished and with a confirmed tenant.

This is the challenge where the talkers will become the walkers. You cannot talk when you’re doing refurbishment. I gave them a shoestring budget for the refurbishment and also asked them to bring in a confirmed tenant. The boys will probably have to stay awake the entire week to put the house together in the little budget—this will be interesting to see!

Lawton said that all of them had been given a task. David had been given the task of getting a plumber and an electrician. The plumber got here on time, but the electrician didn’t. David said that he had hung up on him. David then asked Lawton to call him again, but Lawton told him that two people shouldn't be spending time calling up an electrician. Lawton was just  trying to push people on the right track.

The boys took their time in figuring out how to paint the walls without damaging the carpets, where the doors had been chipped, and how to survive a cold night in the New Castle house.

On day three, the house had already three viewings lined up. However, the house had not been painted properly, and the guys made sure the viewing didn’t take place until the house was in good condition.

Meanwhile, the guys had a little bit of argument regarding the work distribution and responsibilities. Isn't it funny that it's the refurbishment challenge that makes people fight like a married couple?

the eviction

The Good News 

Amongst this, however, we received a piece of good news. Jess, the estate agent said that a client is willing to sign the tenancy agreement on Friday. That was the hardest part that the boys achieved easily. Now, they have to get the house in good condition to become habitable.

Two days before the verdict, the guy who gave the boys a quote for carpet fitting didn’t show up. The boys had to find someone to do the job, however, it was so late at night that they found it difficult to find anyone. Evans, however, went to the local hardware store and kept asking people if they knew someone who would do the job.  

With only one day remaining in the final day, Evans and Lawton struggled with keeping their tempers even. Both of them got into a fight with Lawton agreeing that he would not converse with Evans until the end of The Eviction. And that, my friends, was how the camaraderie building up for all these days came shattering into a million pieces.

With all the sweat and tears, the lads completed the refurbishment with the 2k budget. Despite the bickering here and there, they actually did quite a good job. Jess, the real estate agent, also said that the transformation is phenomenal. According to her, the house had been in the worst conditions ever. However, with the hard work of the guys, the property looks beautiful and habitable.


The Final Day 

When my wife and I visited the property, we were amazed. The wall paint looked amazing, the new carpet gave a fresher look to the entire space. I was genuinely happy to see the kitchen because of how clean and fresh it looked. They even got a new oven there!

We went to check the bathrooms. The black taps and faucets looked modern and stylish. The new coat of paint brought the entire space together. With £2,000 and only five days, I think they did a fantastic job.

I asked a few questions from the team after surveying the entire house. I asked them about the amount the tenant agreed with

the eviction

, as well as when they finished working on the property.


The team told me that it came down to pennies with the tenant and that they had finished seconds before Amanda and I had arrived.

With such a restricted time frame and a tight budget, the team managed to do so well. I wondered what they would be able to achieve with bigger budgets and ample time frames.

I asked the team then who made all of this happen out of the three of them.

Evans said that it was definitely a team effort. He said that when they had come to the place, they didn’t even have hot water, no place to sleep, and other issues. However, with combined effort, they made this transformation happen.

After that sweet comment, I asked them if they would be friends with each other after this. And to my expectation, they all laughed it off.

I then asked them if there were any heated moments between the team.

Lawton was the one to speak up on this. He said that even though they were all working together on the house, they still got frustrated with the responsibilities and work. They were painting the walls together and then went on to paint different areas of the house. He went to paint the bathrooms, Evans went to paint the kitchen, and David worked on the doors. However, even when they had their own responsibilities, they did get on top of each other.

I believe that was inevitable because a few bickering or miscommunication is bound to take place when you’re working on a project that demands excessive physical and mental work.

At the beginning of the week, I told these guys to make mountains move. And it looks like they had to do exactly that. I asked David then, about the key learning points of the whole experience.

He said that the major element was of time. He learned how to finish projects on time and work under time constraints. He also learned that he couldn’t rely on anyone to do a job; he needed to get out there and make things work.

As a property entrepreneur, you need to make things happen. You need to think outside the box to come up with solutions.

I think that all of us present in the room could agree that it was a challenge accomplished this week. All of the guys worked really hard to make things happen. I have to choose one person who would win The Eviction. The way I would choose that is to know each of the contestants a little better. I would personally train them and introduce them to my business associates. I will personally see who the strongest contestant is.

I bid the guys farewell till next week and asked them to meet me at my castle.

Wrapping Up 

Who will become The Eviction’s winner? It is only a matter of a few days until we find that out.

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