Funding for property investment

Funding for property investment

Searching for funding for property investment? Funding for property investment isn't difficult to get once you know where to look. You need to attend events, go networking and start packaging up your deals to pitch. Once you've acquired your investment and you've located a suitable angel investor, how do you go about repaying them? That was the first question which came to Samuel's desk on this episode of Sunday Q&A.

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So, if you've got yourself an angel investor, you might start to worry about repayment at the end of the period. Of course, you must give the agreed % from the cash flow every month or quarter. However, what about the bigger reimbursement you are required to pay at the end of the term? Well, you can choose to put all your profits aside so that you're safe and sound, ready to pay up. This means you are not making any money yourself for the entire time but you have the security of knowing you can pay the investor back. Plus, at the end of it you'll have the property and be able to start making money.

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