Golden Nuggets from Experienced Others | Winners on a Wednesday #30

Jeremy Grigg takes the winners on Wednesday seat this week with Samuel. Having quit his job as a teacher two years ago, he has become financially free having made £70,000 from his last deal and is making just under £200k per year from all his portfolio.

Jeremy prior to meeting Samuel and attending any advance training had already got his foot on the property ladder. Dating back to the year 2004.  Due to the credit crunch, he lost out on a lot of money through the properties that he had owned and had reassess his portfolio.

He managed to keep 3 single let flats that allowed him maintain some cash flow as he rented them out. After quitting his job as a teacher of 18 years Jeremy had to make the tough decision to return to teaching.

Searching for fulfillment feeling his approach to property hadn’t been the best. He decided to educate himself and for the first time in his life, he decided to read a book that would change his whole outlook. The book he read was ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by the great Robert Kiyosaki. This introduced him into the concept of good debt and bad debt.

Jeremy began to change the approach he had currently been using in properties and started to run each property he owned as a business being diligent with his approach.  Still fairly new to the academy Jeremy came across a deal that was good to be true by complete chance.

After spending time in an Air BnB he got chatting the owner of property simple conversation led to the idea that the owner wanted to offload one of his properties. He asked Jeremy if he would be interested. The next day they set a business meeting where the deal quickly turned from one property to 5. A week later it turned to 17!

In order to get the deal over the line, Jeremy wanted to package the deal with a member of the academy who had more contacts. They were able to sell all 17 for £70,000.

Everyone has a different reason as to why they want to get involved in property investment. Jeremy calls it the “Why”. The why for him is to provide a better life not only for himself but for his family as well. Creating financial stability so they are able to enjoy the benefits like attending university which one of his daughters is keen to attend.




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