Grant Cardone’s Advice to Samuel Leeds

Grant Cardone takes the time to sit down with Samuel and his brother to discuss all things business.

While out in Miami for the Grant Cardone 10x event Samuel and Russell wonder what steps they can take to 10x their business and accelerate its already rapid growth and success.

Having been involved in deals and business that have accumulated a profit of over a billion dollars Grant is the best person to seek out for assistance. Growing your business can be a result of many things marketing, workforce and the industry you are in.

Grant suggests that to maximize the space that they are in. A bigger focus on marketing spend within there current budget is needed. To achieve big you have to think big. Small ideology and goals will not result in creating big traffic and impact.

Investing more in paid Ads is another marketing tactic that Grant feels will result in a big reward. If your ad is seen it worked. A goal of £100m is something that both Samuel and Russell want to achieve. Leaving this powerful sit down with Grant will instill in them that they are closer to this goal they may have initially thought.

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