How did Samuel Leeds get rich?

At the time that this post was written, Samuel is in beautiful Singapore with his family. Have you been to Singapore? It's one of the exotic, far-flung places that a life of property investment can take you to. If you are asking ‘How did Samuel Leeds get rich?' it's probably because you want to travel, you desire financial freedom to live the life you were born for. So, how did Samuel Leeds get rich? Well, the answer is quite detailed and if you have read his book – you will have some insight. There is one key tip which we can give you right now though.

Before we get into the top tip, the entire team here would like to thank Patricia Bright for being such an amazing collaborator. Since working with Samuel to produce a video, she has encouraged her audience to watch our content. Many of her subscribers have left comments saying they're so glad to have found us. This is amazing and we can't wait to create more powerful content to give people value.

So, now for the top tip. It's related to the point about Patricia Bright being an incredible person to work with. In order to increase your chances of success, you need to partner with people who have what you don't have. It's your job to focus on what you're good at and your assets. You can't spin every plate. You need to do joint venture deals with individuals who add value to your business by filling the gaps you can't fill. Joint ventures make the business world go round and it's something Samuel has used to become successful. Out of the 29 property purchases he made this year, the majority were through partnerships.

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