How did this couple go from frightened to financially FREE in months?

Becci and Jon are financially free thanks to property investment! That is a statement that Samuel Leeds will never get tired of repeating, it just sounds amazing – now imagine your name in that sentence. It can happen. Becci and Jon went to our crash course in June 2019 in Birmingham, soon after, they enrolled in the academy. In a matter of months, this dynamic duo went from flirting with the idea of living their dreams to getting out there, learning from the masters and becoming financially free.

How did they do it?

The pair quit their jobs after attending the crash course and taking part in the academy. They had very little money and even paid for the training on credit cards – they were working minimum wage jobs. They had anxiety because they have Aspergers which makes public situations very difficult. Jon says it was a nightmare but he forced himself to get through the discomfort and convinced himself that it was going to be worth the struggle. They took a massive risk in quitting their jobs and going full-speed into the property world but it worked out for them!

What did they do?

Becci says she focused on looking for rent-to-rents while Jon's task was deal sourcing. After 150 viewings, they found 4 available opportunities which turned their lives around.

Find out more about the deals they did and how they were secured by watching the video!

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