How I met my wife? (why it’s important)

Samuel Leeds

How I met my wife? (why it’s important)

Hi Samuel Leeds,

I want to talk today about the day I met my wife. It was the 5th April 2014 (7 years ago).

How I met Amanda not only makes me feel very emotional but it actually really really helped me out in business.

When I met Amanda back in 2014 I was not a multi-millionaire, I was doing ok with a decent property portfolio but this is the story…….


I was standing at the front of the church, it was at a wedding where I only knew the groom. I saw Amanda at a distance and thought how amazing and beautiful she looked and I really wanted to speak to her but however at the end of the service  when I was looking for her to speak to, she had gone. At this point I was thinking I would probably never see her again but I had connected eyes with her at the church and really felt I needed to see her and find out her name as I had felt a real connection to her.

There was an after party for the wedding that I was actually NOT invited to but I just figured you know what I'm sure if I just turn up no-ones going to know. So I went down to see if she was there and when I opened the door to the community centre I was literally like the only white guy in the room. The all looked round and they certainly noticed me! The groom came straight over looking at me all confused and probably wondering how I got the address (I just followed another car from the church). I just wanted the ground to swallow me up and I was wondering what on earth I had been thinking. Luckily the groom very kindly welcomed me in and offered me some of the buffet. It was while I was at the buffet that I saw this beautiful lady standing tucked away in the far corner of the room and I was so excited I had found her.

Now right at this time I had a really strong desire to get out of there (My little voice was saying about how awkward the situation was) even though I also had a desire to talk to Amanda. My little voice was telling me ‘She probably has a boyfriend anyway' ‘turn back now' ‘don't do it you're crazy!' but I still had this little desire to go and speak with her. In that moment I was deciding what to do that I just decided to go and walk across the room in which I was having to push past tables which was really awkward and in my head I was thinking  ‘WHAT WAS I THINKING' .  I pushed past my little voice and went over and met Amanda for the very first time 7 years ago today.

I take a look at my life now with my amazing wife Amanda, our beautiful 3 children Ruby (3), Luke (2) and our new addition Jessica (4 weeks) and I just think ‘Thank God I walked across that room and had a little bit of courage'. ‘Thank God I didn't listen to that little voice that was telling me not to. That was telling me I might look stupid'. We spend so much of our life listening to people and worrying what people might think but these people wouldn't even be at your funeral.

I think the difference between people who get what they want in life whether financially or personally are the people that just grab the opportunities. These people don't listen to all the reasons why not to do something and just focus on why to do it. They always look at the possibilities rather than looking at all the reasons why it could go wrong.

I hope this lesson will help you as there are so many opportunities for us to grab right now in the property industry. These include:-

  1. The Government are giving out so many incentives such as Bounce Back Loans and the Stamp Duty Holiday.
  2.   HMO's – Buy a HMO now that's not in an article 4 area and when it becomes one you will have grandfather rights and planning permission.

People only see opportunities once they have gone. Don't let this be you.


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