How I Would Start Again In Property | Tom Soane And Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

How I Would Start Again In Property | Tom Soane And Samuel Leed

This is a little excerpt from my latest podcast with Tom Soane from the Anonymous Landlord podcast!

Our Conversation

Tom: If you have no money, no contacts, how would you raise money to invest in property? How would you get into investment?

Samuel: Well, business is all about finding what people want and giving it to them. So I would think about how I can add value to people. So, I would get myself down in property circles. I’d go to networking events. And I would find what people need; what they’re looking for. If they’re looking for deals, I’ll give those deals.

At the time I started, everyone was complaining about property management companies. So I thought that these property investors have a lot of money and I want their crumbs. How can I get in there? I know: I’ll manage their houses without charging them money. But what that did was, they started liking me and people started talking about me. I was getting experienced. And with time, I started telling the landlord that if you don’t like the property, why don’t you sell it? How about I buy it off you, but I’ll pay on my terms? And boom, I’m securing lease option agreements!

I believe that money does not come from property, it comes from business. You need to identify what people want and then find a way to give it to them.

Tom: Great answer! A lot of people I’ve interviewed have had similar views. One person even said that they’ll go to Holiday Inn, find Mark Homer and start getting his money to start investing. Property is so much networking, isn’t it?

This brings me to another question: who inspires you and brings you in the property world?

Samuel: I’ve got a lot of people who inspire me. I look up to a lot of giants. I had the privilege of having James Khan on my channel; he is brilliant in real estate. I am very much inspired by Robert Kiyasaki. He really got me started! He opens a lot of peoples’ minds.

I always say that you need an environment where people are winning. Even though you may have capabilities and motivation, if people around you aren’t winning, it won’t work.

I am also inspired by my students! They are doing so well. I am inspired by myself and my brother as well.

A Final Word

This was a little sneak peak of my conversation with Tom. If you enjoyed the conversation, please head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe for more information on property!

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