How Lockdown 3.0 Will Affect Property Investors

Samuel Leeds

How Lockdown 3.0 Will Affect Property Investors

Hi. This is Samuel Leeds and myself Russel Leeds. Today we will discuss how the lockdown due to Coronavirus might affect the property investors. If we start from scratch like when the lockdown began, it was I think 20th of March 2020 where the world was all packed. What they said about it is that the lockdown will be for three weeks.

Lockdown 2.0

In April, when I was about to sell my seven houses, the lockdown extended and it kept on extending. In July, it was like everyone encouraging each other to go out and earn. They help the economy to rise, giving food, helping differently. Even they said that we will get back to normal in October. Everything will be open, and we were also happy that we will start our crash courses again but it didn’t happen. It was replaced by the 2.0 lockdown.

Thankfully in December, things started to be normal. In two weeks of December we also put our crash courses. First one went amazing with hundreds of people while the second one, it went on to the area of level three then what we did we moved it again. At last we did it virtually and then again it went on tier four and five. Again we are in lockdown now. We have booked the venues and gathered all the stuff and we were a bit sure that it will happen in December.

Making Money during Lockdown

What if I ask you Samuel or you have to guess that we will go back to normal then what would you say on this?

Well, previously I have predicted a lot of things. Like I said or you say I predicted about the prices of houses in January and see it’s quite happening.

This is quite tough to predict.

Yeah I don’t have any idea even though we both know many high profile people but nobody has any idea about the lockdown. It’s quite unpredictable. And this will stay longer, like it won’t go in three months or maybe it will take years so instead of this how it will affect the property investors we have to focus on this.

I would say you even made money on the first lockdown by doing the lockdown challenge. It was very tough right?

Yes It was because in April, it was a strict lockdown and we wouldn’t be able to visit the houses even. Everything we did was virtually.

I think it was a six week challenge and the property market stayed pretty much. What our friends were saying that they are struggling like we are not? If it’s a property which stays open doesn’t mean we are chilling and making money. But yeah many parents who owe business struggle a lot for their children to pay their school fees.

Yeah but lots of things have gone up a lot for development in our industry.

We can say it depends on luck as wherever there are challenges it brings opportunities. But when we come to property investment half of millions of properties’ transactions were paused in April last year. 

Maybe the government doesn't want the prices of property to crash but it was depending on the area some of the house prices going up while in some like London, it was going down. But today I don’t think it is going to affect the property investor.

What I believe is if your planning is some holiday destination or like service accommodation, it will be beneficial as some people I know and they told me that it is fully booked these days in Peterborough.

But it doesn't surprise me like I think it’s people's mind if they think they cannot do this they will not even if they can and if they are willing to do it they will do it. But in our industry, you can do everything, go and visit houses. Last week I did a financial freedom challenge which says it all.

It’s all about learning rules which most people don’t know about.

Even I encourage many of my friends to join my industry. Learn making money and it's one of the safest in terms of you can earn your home and do different things as well. What you do is learn and study the rules and think out of the box.

The property business has no restrictions and boundaries. You can do everything by yourself. You can mold your ways as you want to. If you have no office you can meet with the client at any restaurant or anywhere. What is required is honesty and speaking skills to convince them.

Flip Your Luck

What will be a suggestion for all the viewers watching our video is do not wait to see what will happen and then you will decide. No! You have resources, you have the internet, and you have everything in your hand so never think that you can’t do what you can actually do. Make yourself financially free this year otherwise it won’t gonna happen. It’s a great opportunity. This is the chance for you to learn and implement. Don’t give up, get out and do it.

Take the crash course and make it happen. Hope this video gives you some motivation. Now me and my brother Russel signing off. For more interesting videos don’t forget to smash the bell icon of my YouTube channel. Take care!

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