How to analyse R2R Deals!

How to analyse R2R Deals!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to analyse R2R deals? Do you know what they are?

But First… Do you need training?

Yes! Thousand times yes! Samuel runs his own training company because he believes everyone needs the correct knowledge and the right tools to be able to execute the best deals. Not to mention reap the benefits of what the property industry has to offer. Samuel invested in training and is now himself a millionaire with his own training company and a successful YouTube channel. Whatever you aspire to achieve in your own life, often first comes from the moment you begin to invest in yourself. Training is very important and plays a key role in both a boost to your self-confidence and overall industry-standard knowledge.


Rent2Rent is where you take control of a property. You pay a guaranteed rent to the landlord. After which you then rent the property out yourself. Ideally, you would do this through a management company to keep it hands-free.

The idea is if you pay £1,000 to the landlord every month, but you rent it out for £2,000 a month, you then receive £,1000 in profit, or whatever profit is left over. In most cases, by having a management company you would also pay them a fee every month, landing your profit more in the £500 mark. But that is the beauty of this method. It’s completely up to you! If you are willing to take on and fully manage the houses yourself, you get to keep the maximum profit. If you want the property hands-free and your money completely passive, you need to accept less monthly profit and instead build a larger portfolio.

Another thing to consider is to have enough extra money set aside for each property in case of unexpected repairs or damages.

All-in-all the rent2rent strategy is easily one of the best to go with when building a property portfolio.


Now just like anything in life, there are pitfalls to be aware of. You can’t just take any property that comes into the field of view. Just because it has four walls and a roof, doesn’t just confirm your monthly profit. You need to be careful with the type of property you take on, which management companies you go with and a whole lot more.

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