Why it’s crucial to build relationships with estate agents

How to build relationships with estate agents

First of all, why is it so important to build relationships with estate agents? This is the fundamental question which most rookie investors skip past because they assume it’s irrelevant. Actually, if you think about it, what could be more valuable than having an ally on the inside of the industry – somebody who has a database of properties, sellers and buyers?

Samuel Leeds himself spent 6 months working as an estate agent. He did this to learn the ropes and understand how things work from that side of the desk. He quickly realised how important an estate agent could be to a property investor, particularly one that’s just starting fresh.

So now you know why you need them, in this video you’ll hear some tips on how to build strong relationships with them.

Not got time to watch? Here's a summary of the tips:

  • Step one – Be Honest. Don't pretend or blag. 
  • Step two – Be confident. You do not want to be a desperate, motivated buyer.
  • Step three – Be nice, kindness doesn't cost anything but can go a long way. Agents will want to go the extra mile for investors who are kind and respectful to them.
  • Step four – The most important step, buy from them. Once you buy from an estate agent you then become an actual customer.  

Watch the video for more detail

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