How to do deal sourcing

How to do deal sourcing

If you want to know how to do deal sourcing, you need to watch this video and take some notes. This is one of the most incredible videos we've ever published because you can witness a person's life changing in front of you. You hear us talk a lot about the transformation effect our teachings have. Now you get to see it unfold for real.

Meet Clo. She is an avid follower of Samuel and he surprised her in the most fantastic way. Samuel decided to accompany her to property viewings for a day. It didn't stop there! He set himself the mission of making a profit of £2000 in just one day. £2000 is more than Clo earns in a month via her work salary. Do you think it's possible? Could he achieve it?

You do not need to put your sweat and struggle into a job you hate. It's time to stop working hard for something you don't care about and doesn't reward you. You need to work smart so that you can lead a life you love. One of the best ways to get yourself started is via deal sourcing. Deal sourcing could be on-market or off-market. There are so many different ways you can package the deal to make it attract for potential investors.

How do you get your deal in front of the right investors? You need to be networking and attending property events. You should also utilise LinkedIn. Once you have found investors, you can simply sell the deal or use joint ventures. Before we go into too much detail here, go ahead and watch the video (please share it too).

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