How to find UK property development deals by sending letters direct to the owner?

Samuel Leeds

How to find UK property development deals by sending letters direct to the owner?

Hello my name is Samuel Leeds and I am your property guide. You know what? in this era things are getting changed and everyone wants things to be done as soon as possible. So, today I will talk about making deals directly through sending letters to owners. Because prices of houses are fluctuating and going crazy so sometimes it becomes difficult to direct deals from the agents. So, let’s see how it works. 

How to Get Deals by Sending a Letter? 

Firstly, you need to send letters to different types of people. Like people who have negative equity in their houses. This will help you to find how much they paid for the house and what’s the worth of that house now. You can suspect it and send a letter to the owner.

 The next is where you find the house which seems old or not having a good condition that the owner is also not feeling good to own it. It seems like an overgrown house. So, what you are going to do is find the owner and the address of the house through the land registry by paying three pounds and sending a letter. 

You can add to the letter that your house looks overgrown and I am interested in your property so let’s have a conversation on it. The letter is written to have a conversation with the owner basically not to get the deal done. You need to send around 10 letters to have one conversation. The colour of the letter should be bright to get attention. It’s like you have sent 20 letters out of which some of them will respond like thank you for your interest but right now we aren’t selling or some kind of answer.  

You have to consistently send letters to convince them. Whether you want to become a property investor and you are putting efforts to make deals so you need to work in the background by sending letters to have a good response.  

 Property with Planning or Without Planning? 

I would say it depends on the deal. If the house is on negative equity, then it does not need any planning. But we are more towards property development and if we are looking to build on a piece of land and you not necessarily know about the situation because before sending the letters there are no loads of due diligence that we do on the site. 

Mostly, we look for the properties without planning and look for the profits. The piece of land has already got planning and we know it is going to sell at a premium.  


How to Get Started on Property Development? 

Well for this you have to start with the small deals. This will help you to make big deals if you start with small deals otherwise you will mess up your deal. So, better to start with small deals and turn it into a big one.  


What to do if Planning is Declined? 

Offering a property to buy it at first place you will make three types of offers generally. The number one offer is there will be a straight purchase on the land. Suppose the land is half an acre and has no planning and what you do you think that if the planning gets accepted or not because of different things but you will deal as an experienced property developer and you know it that the planning can be done then you will say I will buy it by offering two thousand pounds which is moderate amount for half an acre land.  

An acre of land near my house was sold on 80 grams which is not a lot of money for an acre. So firstly, you made a quick buying cash offer, another offer is paying a small amount and selling it to someone else who wants to land bank. Someone buy the land and you build on it and then you both 50 50 the profits coming from it.  

Third option is what we usually do. It is like I buy the house for the same price which might be two thousand pounds let’s suppose but what I will do is that I will give it to someone in 12 months and meanwhile I’ll do the planning. You might give 5000 pounds fee and if you don’t have the planning then of course they keep the money and if you have the planning then the value will be pushed up. You will now have the option to buy it. 


Wrapping Up! 

So here is all for today. Start with the small, keep sending letters and be consistent on what you do. Most importantly get yourself educated about the property to work better. You can join my property investor crash course and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.  

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