How to Make Money in 2021….

Samuel Leeds

How to Make Money in 2021……

Samuel Leeds here. Many people assume I am prosperous in property because I entered the market at the opportune time. But this couldn't be further from the truth. I joined the property market in 2009. If you recall, this was during the aftermath of the 2007-2008 global financial crisis and the property crash that followed.

So when everyone else was thinking the days of property investing were over, what did I do? I bought my first property. And bear in mind, I was a teenager at the time, 17 years old, to be specific. I had no money, and the little I got from paper rounds, I invested in property training.

All the odds seemed to be against me. I didn't come from a well-off family, so my parents couldn't lend me any money. I didn't perform well in school, getting only three GCSEs. And we were in the middle of The Great Recession! My future, as they say, didn't look bright at all. But fast forward 12 years, I am a successful property investor with multiple properties worth millions.

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful.” — Warren Buffet.

When I chose to invest my earnings into training, people said I was crazy. How could I spend £3,000 to learn about economics, property investing, financial literacy, and financial independence? “That's risky, man.” Mind you, some of the people discouraging me from pursuing a career in property were themselves paying thousands of dollars per semester to study Art. And I'm the crazy one.

So back in 2009, when I was getting ready to acquire my first property, these were the same people telling me, “Be careful … Now is a bad time.” And I remember hearing the same from the media, where mainstream newspaper headlines were saying the buy to let market was dead. But not to me. I went ahead and entered the property market, and I've continued to conquer it with every passing year.

“The exciting thing is, fast forward 12 years, we're in exactly the same situation again.”

Now, during the pandemic, many of my property crash course students have been taking advantage of the current market just like I did 12 years ago. From investing in various property types, including rent-to-rents and serviced accommodations, to earning thousands in commission, let's have a look at what some of them have been up to property-wise.




  • Recently bagged two rent-to-rent HMOs for an investor.
  • Has three serviced accommodations in Liverpool right on the Royal Albert Dock.
  • He had also just entered into a bespoke sourcing agreement with another investor.


“Everything's from your training. So it started off with your free training on YouTube. The amount you can do with just your free training alone is unreal. Where we are now in property and what we do, we owe a lot of it to you,” Joshua told me as we ended our call.




  • Recently quit her job to do property full-time.
  • And she so far has four properties.


Her advice to anyone struggling to get that first deal? “Have really good energy to keep talking to people … I network a lot.” “Big energy equals big bank accounts,” I agreed.




  • She was close to closing a deal on a big house to rent in London when we caught up with her.
  • She was also expecting a 0.5% commission on a £3.5 million deal, i.e., a £17,500 commission. And she had already received £4,000 in advance.


Graziella was working as a delivery person for Hermes but lost her job. While employed, she used to work seven days a week and look for investors at night. Interestingly, I felt she was going to be one of my success students from the get-go. In fact, when she joined the academy, I drove to her residence to congratulate her, which is something I don't always do.


Parting Shot


In conclusion, remember people buy from people. They don't care about your company name, logo, and whatnot. Most people don't know the name of my company despite being my long-standing fans and followers. So if you're starting your property journey, don't sweat the small stuff; focus instead on making money.

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