How to Quit Your Job Deal Packaging | Winners on a Wednesday #32

Simon Hayter joins Samuel for today’s Winners on a Wednesday episode. Still, in the early stages of his property entrepreneur journey, he is currently making £12,000 per month from deal sourcing and £2,800 from his monthly rental incomes.

Prior to investing property Simon who is from Scotland was a subway franchise owner for 6 years but while in the process of selling this he began to look at what opportunities were out there for him.

He got the idea that perhaps property could be his best bet and was soon YouTube searching videos within property. This is where he first came across Samuel Leeds after watching one video this turned into two, three before you know it he was booked on to attend the crash course in Manchester.

Simon didn’t have much property knowledge before attending the crash course. He had been reluctant to get involved due to the misconception that you need a lot of money to invest in property.

Throughout the crash course, Simon gained a stronger understanding of property and the wide range of strategies that he would be able to do. Simon also believes that the crash course is the ideal location to find business partners and strike up joint ventures with people.  The next stage for him was to sign up to the DFE course which propelled his property journey to the next level.

After the conclusion of the DFE, he began to close on his deals one of which was a rent to SA located in Manchester. This deal brings him between £800 – £900 per month his outlay for this deal was £10,000 as he purchased it from a deal packager which required him to pay a fee and also expenses to be spent on furniture.

His second deal was located in Scotland which was a serviced accommodation. He paid put in £2,000 for this property which gives him an income of £1,000 per month.  Simon wanted to expand his current strategies and decided to get involved in property packaging. He acquired the property sourcing compliance book at one of Samuel's courses and also purchased Alasdair Cunningham’s book ‘Whatever it Takes’.  Following the blueprint that Alasdair plotted out in his book, he has been able to make £12,000 a month from sourcing alone.

The best advice that Simon believes most property investors should follow is doing deals that make sense. Making sure that you meet the expectation for people that you are sourcing too. Have a plan and know what you want.

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