How to start a property business

Do you know how to start a property business?

Find out how to start a property business with low capital. Lauren and Kayleigh grew up together and always wanted to go into business as a partnership. The duo decided to start a property business with little money by flipping houses. The pair were very traditional in their approach to the property world but attending the crash course has helped them diversify their strategy and be more creative to make a living. Lauren decided to attend Samuel's crash course. She didn't want to know how to start a property business, since she had already done that on a basic level, she was more interested in scaling and finding out how to start a property business which generates the kind of income that provides freedom.


From stroke victim to successful ventures

Freedom was paramount to Lauren because her regular job had driven her into the ground, eventually leading to her suffering a stroke. During her recovery period, she decided to attend the crash course with her face still numb and slightly drooping. She wasn't feeling great but something told her that this event would help her change her lifestyle and free her from the shackles of the job. She was working day and night, all week and through the weekend – there was no respite. Something had to change and Kayleigh agreed.

After attending the crash course, they ventured into rent-to-rents and rent-to-SA. They say they're busier than ever but the stress doesn't exist. They're loving it! When you work for yourself and you're operating with your own values, you enjoy hard work. Lauren says the crash course gave her the impetus and connections to make real progress in property; she even met two guys who she is now doing joint venture projects with.

After a difficult summer of finding good deals and being let down at the last minute, they thought their luck was out but that's when they stumbled upon a real gem. They found a 12 bed property which was running as a B & B. The landlord was hands-off and easy going so he was open to the idea of a rent-to-rent deal. After much negotiation, they managed to agree on paying just £1200 per month! What a bargain! In the first week, they had 7 guests and earned £1300 profit.

It was a great start but then they began to encounter new problems. Find out what they were and how they overcame them by watching the video!

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