How To Treat Your Customers…. #Withlove​

Samuel Leeds

How To Treat Your Customers…. #Withlove

Hey what’s up? My name is Samuel Leeds and today in this video i will tell you how to deal with your customers or how to make them realize that i really value all of them. So i called some of the people but few of them didn’t answer so i decided to visit them and give a starter pack of e-academy as a gift. 

Surprise Visits

So i went to the house of a girl and she was shocked to see me there. She was so happy and admired my work. She followed my advice exactly and to her surprise she said it turned out amazing. I also appreciate her the way she is selling the deals and I told her I came here all the way to deliver you a gift because you deserve it. 

She was also having Alistair’s book named “Whatever it takes” on her shelf. She respects my way of working and opportunities that I also give to women to make money through property. She is quite motivated and working in her targets to achieve which is great to see that. 

She said, I gave her the motivation on how you can sell the deal and I keep insisting her to go on the groups of property and make a network. This really helped her a lot in making four deals. She even recorded a video where she was saying that I am still shaking as Samuel visited my home and I am very much happy. She suggested everyone: start a crash course as it was her beginning and now she is standing here. It changes her life and now she is at a good point to make deals easily. 

Another Surprise Delivery

I went to another home for an e-academy delivery and I rang the doorbell so many times but nobody came. Then I called a lady and said I want to congratulate you on registering on e-academy and my team will deliver a parcel to you so open the door and receive it. At that time, she had no idea I was standing outside her house. She opened the door and guess what? She was shocked to see me there. I gave her the starter pack and she was so happy to receive that. 

Wrap up!

So that was all for the video. If you order from me then i might appear to your house anytime to deliver the parcel. I just wanted to make my customers happy and I am available every time for them if they are in need. Keep focusing and don’t forget to hit the bell icon for my YouTube channel

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